Why We Created Baserow

With the rise in available data comes a need for a viable online database that works for everyone. From businesses who are looking to grow their offerings to individuals who are doing independent assessments, online database tools are working their way into the mainstream. While there are many fantastic tools and companies in the market who provide tools with sleek design and marketing, we at Baserow saw an opportunity many companies were ignoring.

That opportunity: The individual customer needs.

As we are developing Baserow and preparing to launch it to the world, we had a few guiding principles. We wanted to create the best, fastest product that would do everything the average user needed their online database to do. This included jobs, tasks, and features beyond what you have likely imagined before! Many managed online database solutions provide templated tools that cover general needs that help most companies. Understandably, this helps most of the market get the job they need to be done.

However, companies who offer managed solutions are ultimately responsible to the shareholders. They are not always interested in creating a product that their ideal customer can use to its full extent. Third party apps are highly regulated and can be cut off at any time for any reason. Not to mention the pricing, storage, and processing limitations! If your needs don’t meet what the general public is looking for, most managed solutions don’t work the way you might need them to.

Open Source, Endless Opportunity.

We very intentionally built Baserow to be open source so we can meet the needs of an entire community of online database developers. Open source products have a history of getting better with each release. By allowing users to use the tools to meet their needs, the tools only get better. Third party plugins and applications are more powerful and robust, and there is no need to worry about surprise limitations.

We can’t forget to mention the best part of open source software: the community! By having the software open for anyone to customize to their own needs, we learn how to make it more efficient and effective for all users.

It does take some expertise, however.

Today, the free, open-source solution of Baserow does require some technical expertise and previous online database management experience. However, because it is open source, experienced professionals are continually working with the software to customize it to their own needs. With this customization, we learn about how to make the software more efficient and effective! These efficiencies are built right into our managed and enterprise solutions.

Just as many other companies have done in the past, we set out to create the best online database tools on the market. Unlike others, we have taken a very different, very intentional path to get there. By understanding how experts use a tool, we can create a product that anyone can implement and enjoy.

The question remains: what do you want to see from Baserow that you haven’t seen in other online database products?


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