Installation on Cloudron

Cloudron is a complete solution for running apps on your server and keeping them up-to-date and secure. If you don’t have Cloudron installed on a server you can follow the installation instructions here . Once you have Cloudron running you can follow the steps below to install the Baserow app.

Basic experience with the Cloudron CLI is required.

Install Cloudron CLI

The Cloudron CLI can be installed on Linux/Mac using the following command. More information about installing can be found on their website at

$ sudo npm install -g cloudron

Installing Baserow

If you have not already been logged into your Cloudron platfrom you can do so by executing the following command.

$ cloudron login my.{YOUR_DOMAIN}

When you have successfully logged in, you need to clone the latest Baserow repository to your machine. This contains the Cloudron manifest file that you need when installing the app.

$ git clone
$ cd baserow/deploy/cloudron

After that you can install the Baserow Cloudron app by executing the following commands.

$ cloudron install -l baserow.{YOUR_DOMAIN} --image
App is being installed.
App is installed.

All the available versions can be found here:

When the installation has finished you can visit your domain and create a new account from there.


When a new Baserow version becomes available you can easily update to that version. First you need to figure out what your app id is. You can do so by executing the cloudron list command. After that you can execute the following command to update to the latest version.

cloudron update --app {YOUR_APP_ID} --image

Note that you must replace the image with the most recent image of Baserow. The latest version can be found here: