Gateway Grant Round Two Application

The deadline for applications is March 24, 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

Title for Your Proposal
Project Contact Name
Project Contact's Email
Proposal Type
If you're not sure or feel your category could potentially work in multiple categories, please pick whichever ones may apply and our judging team will consider it in your suggested categories.
Why do the documents at the heart of your proposed project matter, and what special challenges to preservation, access or analysis does this collection face?
If you're applying for tool integration, how does this tool help people access, understand or publish documents that matter? Are there some examples of impact you've already seen?
What is the impact of this project on helping address those challenges as well as helping the public?
Is your project already in progress? (if so, please share work done, its current status, and relevant links)
Would the work you’re doing be reusable for other efforts, and if so how?
Who is on the team to implement this idea?
Why are you the people to do it?
Have you used the DocumentCloud API before or done other programmatic document analysis work? If so, please briefly share a description (up to three sentences) of what you did and include a relevant link.
What help from the MuckRock team would be useful in implementing your idea?
Resume or links to any other documents (MuckRock accounts, CV, GitHub, personal website, etc.) that may be relevant along with the name of the project contributor they’re associated with
What are the challenges associated with this project and how you will overcome them?
How much money are you requesting? (In USD)
How will you spend the money?
How long will your project take and what are key milestones? Projects should be scoped to be finished within six months
If you’ve worked on previous grant-driven projects before, please share what their outcomes were and include relevant links (up to three examples)
Applicants must either have a verified MuckRock Account or apply for verification before their application is considered. What is your verification status?
Please include a link to the verified account here. If multiple, please include a link to the primary organization associated with this project:
If you're awaiting verification, please link to your account page that is awaiting verification.
May we pass along your application information to MuckRock’s team for potential assistance outside of the grant process? It will not be shared publicly.
Would you like to subscribe to the MuckRock newsletter and get updates about other opportunities for support?
Anything else we should know?
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