Hire me as a Freelancer

Dear Client, Thanks a lot for reaching out. This set of questions helps us determine if we are the right fit for each other without sinking much time. Please remember that after the completion of the project I'll put it in my portfolio.

Mention your designation as well.
Overview of your project
❗️ This is critical, you can share a link of loom video walkthrough as well
Mood-board, wireframes, mind maps or any as such assets that will help me to understand the final desired outcome.
Timeline of this project
e.g. 8 - 12 weeks
Budget of your project (mention currency)
❌ Please don't answer TBD, Competitive, open etc. Mention in-hand salary not CTC.
Distinguishable perks
Are you open to equity as compensation? If yes, please share the divide. ( eg. $ XXXXX + XX % equity )
Calendly link or phone number with a time slot when I can call you.
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