API deprecations

Baserow may, from time to time, deprecate functionality in its REST and/or Websocket API. To ensure that your application runs smoothly, and without downtime, we will use this page to inform API integrators of what features are deprecated, and how long we’ll support compatibility for.

Groups: renamed to Workspace


In early 2023 we decided to rename the concept of a “group” to “workspace”.

For nearly all users, the only noticeable change will be that within the UI, references to “group” will disappear in favor of “workspace”.

For API consumers, however, they will need to eventually migrate from our “group” endpoints to functionally identical “workspace” ones. To help API consumers migrate to the new endpoints, our API specification has been updated so that each deprecated “group” endpoint will suggest the functionally identical “workspace” equivalent.

REST API changes

The most significant change to our API is that we’ve duplicated all “group” endpoints so that there is a functionally identical “workspace” one.

For example, the create_group endpoint (which is now marked as deprecated) has a functionally identical create_workspace endpoint.

In any API or WebSocket response which previously serialized a “group” ID, name or nested object, there will be an identical “workspace” one.

This means that there will be no intentional breaking changes in our API responses. There are, however, some codebase changes to be aware of.

Minor changes

  • The directory baserow.api.groups has been renamed to baserow.api.workspaces.
  • The directory baserow_premium.admin.groups has been renamed to baserow_premium. admin.workspaces.

Major changes

  • All “group” endpoints now have a corresponding “workspace” endpoint.
  • All “group” endpoint views have been moved to a compat directory.

Non-REST API breaking changes

  • The command fill_group was renamed to fill_workspace.
  • The command import_group_applications was renamed to import_workspace_applications.
  • The command export_group_applications was renamed to export_workspace_applications.

Migration timeline

  • Early 2023: the “group” endpoints will be marked as deprecated. All endpoints which currently return a group ID, name or nested object, will keep returning them. The only change to these responses will be the inclusion of an exact workspace copy.
  • In the remainder of 2023: Baserow will, every few months, periodically remind API consumers that they need to move from the “group” endpoints to the “workspace” ones.
  • Early 2024: the “group” endpoints will be removed, and the “workspace” endpoints will be required.