Code quality

The quality of the code is very important. That is why we have linters, unit tests, API docs, in-code docs, developer docs, modular code, and have put a lot of thought into the underlying architecture of both the backend and the web-frontend.

Running linters and tests

If you have the development environment up and running you can easily run the linters. Both the backend and the web-frontend have make files to help.

  • make format (backend): auto format all python code using black.
  • make lint (backend): all the python code will be checked with flake8 and black.
  • make eslint (web-frontend): all the javascript code will be checked with eslint.
  • make stylelint (web-frontend): all the scss code will be checked with stylelint.

Running tests

There are also commands to easily run the tests.

  • make test (backend): all the backend python code will be tested with pytest.
  • make jest (web-frontend): all the web frontend code will be tested with jest.

Continuous integration

To make sure nothing was missed during development we also have a continuous integration pipeline that runs every time a branch is pushed. All the commands explained above will execute in an isolated environment. In order to improve speed they are separated by lint and test stages. It is not allowed to merge a branch if one of these jobs fails.

The pipeline also has a build job. During this job plugin boilerplate Baserow will be installed as a dependency to ensure that this still works.

Run the GitLab runners locally

If you want to check if your job would succeed before pushing your branch then you can also run them locally. Make sure that you have installed the GitLab runner by following the steps on After that you should be able to run the gitlab-runner --help command in your terminal. The jobs can be executed by running the commands below.

Make sure that you are in the root of the Baserow repository and that all changes have been committed because the runner checks out the current branch.

  • gitlab-runner exec docker web-frontend-eslint
  • gitlab-runner exec docker web-frontend-stylelint
  • gitlab-runner exec docker web-frontend-test
  • gitlab-runner exec docker backend-flake8
  • gitlab-runner exec docker backend-pytest
  • gitlab-runner exec docker backend-setup