Baserow plugins let you fully customize and extend Baserow quickly and easily. Multiple plugins can be installed into a new or existing Baserow installation, they get full access to Baserow’s internals for maximum customization and are straightforward develop and publish.

Some examples of what you can do with a Baserow plugin are:

  • Add new Baserow:
    • Field Types
    • View Types/Filters/Sorts/Decorations/Aggregations
    • Formula Functions/Types
  • Add or customize pages, components, styling
  • Integrate with 3rd party APIs or software
  • Install custom postgres extensions, system packages, python and node dependencies
  • And much more!

Baserow Plugins are only available for self-hosted installations currently and are experimental and subject to change.

  1. You should always make backups of your Baserow data before installing and using any plugin.
  2. You should only ever install plugins from a trusted source.
  3. Baserow is not responsible for and does not officially support any plugins currently, installing and using them is entirely at your own risk.

Installing a Plugin

The Plugin Installation guide goes into detail on how to install and uninstall Baserow plugins in the various official Baserow docker images.

Currently, we do not provide an officially supported plugins, however check out our Plugin community sub-forum for community made plugins and further discussion.

Step by step plugin creation tutorial

Check out our step by step tutorial on plugin creation using the plugin boilerplate for a quick and easy way to get a plugin started.

Creating a Plugin

Finally, the Plugin Creation guide explains in more detail how to create your own plugins and publish them for others to use.