Get the most out of your online data.

Open-source data collaboration platform for users and developers. Arrange your data the way you want blazingly fast and user friendly. Download or develop plugins when you’ve reached limits.

You're in control

It’s important to us that you’re in control of your online database, that’s one of the reasons we chose for an open source product. You can install Baserow on your own server if you want, but you can also use our hosted environment.


Don’t you think fast working software is a must? By design Baserow can handle hundreds of thousands of rows and millions of columns. Our developers continuously test their code with large test data so we’re ensured of fast software.

Third party plugins

Because Baserow is open source, it’s possible for developers to create custom plugins. These plugins can add all kinds of functionality to your installation like data visualization, marketing tools, project management features and so on. If you have a request for a not (yet) existing plugin, feel free to contact us.


To make Baserow clearer for new and existing users we have many text and video tutorials for all kind of things. We encourage our community in creating tutorials by supporting them financially so high quality content is guaranteed. If you want to participate in this program and earn some money please contact us.

Low pricing

You can install Baserow Community at your own server free of charge, this is one of the advantages of open source. If you don’t want this, you can use our hosted environment for a small fee. While in beta you can even use this for free! The only thing we would appreciate in return is your honest feedback and ideas.


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