End-to-end testing

Baserow comes with end-to-end test suite in the e2e-tests folder. The test suite uses Playwright testing tool to run UI tests against a running Baserow instance using one or multiple browsers.

When and what to e2e test

As of February 2023 the e2e test suite is brand new, we recommend you add any e2e tests you think make sense. Some ideas on what to test:

  1. Complicated multiservice UX flows like duplicating a database
  2. Complicated frontend code that is hard to test with unit tests
  3. The serialization boundary between the frontend client and backend api
  4. Critical features that often accidentally break or features that often break in other browsers, and we don’t notice.

Installation and running locally

# Startup your local env which will be tested
$ ./dev.sh
$ cd e2e-tests
# The below script installs the e2e test package, waits for your dev env to be healthy
# and then runs the tests.
$ ./run-e2e-tests-locally.sh 
# After which you can manually re-run the tests with various manual commands: 
yarn test # headless
yarn test-headed

yarn test and yarn test-headed will run all tests in Chrome.


Besides Playwright configuration defined in e2e-tests/playwright.config.ts you can set environment variables to target a Baserow instance on any URL with PUBLIC_WEB_FRONTEND_URL and PUBLIC_BACKEND_URL. You can also use e2e-tests/.env file to do so, see e2e-tests/.env-example.

E2E in CI

To run E2E tests in CI to should:

  1. Go to your MR in Gitlab
  2. Click Pipelines
  3. Wait for the build-backend-image and build-web-frontend-image steps to complete
  4. Now you can manually start the e2e-tests job which will run e2e tests in both chrome and firefox.