Install with Helm

Community Maintained Helm Chart

Find the community Baserow helm chart here maintained by Christian Knell.

We recommend that you:

  1. Run the chart with ingress enabled: 2. backend.ingress.enabled=true 3. frontend.ingress.enabled=true
  2. Make sure you configure two domains, one for the backend api API one for the frontend server. 5. Set config.publicFrontendUrl= 5. Set config.publicBackendUrl=
  3. Configure all the relevant variables to upload and serve user files in a S3 compatible service of your own choosing.

Deploying Baserow using Helm and K3S

K3S is an easy way of getting a local K8S cluster running locally for testing and development. This guide will walk you through setting it K3S with Baserow using the community helm chart above.

  1. Install K3S
  2. Install Helm
  3. Configure Helm to use your K3S cluster:
# From 
export KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/config
mkdir ~/.kube 2> /dev/null
# Make sure you aren't overriding an existing k8s configuration in ~/.kube/config
(set -o noclobber; sudo k3s kubectl config view --raw > "$KUBECONFIG")
chmod 600 "$KUBECONFIG"
# Check you can access the cluster
helm ls --all-namespaces
# You should see something like
  1. Install Baserow using Helm
helm repo add christianknell
helm repo update
helm install 1.5.3 christianknell/baserow
# Finally follow the printed instructions.