Monitoring your Baserow server

Baserow can be configured to ship logs, metrics and traces using the Open Telemetry standard. You can use these to monitor your Baserow instance.

Enable this by setting the env var BASEROW_ENABLE_OTEL=true and then depending on where you want to send telemetry set the appropriate OTEL env vars. You probably want to set OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT also.

In our default docker-compose files we have only added passthroughs for the following OTEL specific env vars.


If you want to use more, you need to edit the compose files yourself and add the env var passthroughs you need.

By default, Baserow will send the following telemetry:

  • Baserow application logging.
  • Some basic metrics.
  • Various spans over some of our critical functions and handler methods.
  • Automatic instrumentation provided by OTEL libraries for:
    • S3 usage by the botocore library
    • SQL queries
    • Redis queries
    • HTTP queries
    • Celery tasks
    • Django requests/responses