Third party hosting providers

Here are some third party hosting/deployment providers who can make it very easy to deploy or self-host your own Baserow.

Please note that we have not officially been involved with these integrations as they are independently setup and offered by third parties.


Elestio is a fully managed DevOps platform to deploy your code and open-source software.

Click to deploy:


Clovyr is browser-based ecosystem that allows you to find and run open-source alternatives to popular apps.

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Unfurl Cloud

Unfurl Cloud is a free, open-source platform that deploys to your own cloud-provider accounts and automatically tracks your configuration in git.

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Easypanel it a modern server control panel. You can use it to deploy Baserow on your own server.

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Easypanel instructions

  1. Create a VM that runs Ubuntu on your cloud provider.
  2. Install Easypanel using the instructions from the website.
  3. Create a new project.
  4. Install Baserow using the dedicated template.