Hi, welcome to Baserow about us!

Building a startup is all about the joy (and a bit of sweat) of creating something that people need. Baserow found its niche, lucky us! We’re building an open source no-code tool where everyone create software without the need for developers.

To achieve this mission we unite the best folks, and we are proud to have an amazing and straight-forward culture. This page is our manifesto. It explains our mission, our beliefs, our story, and everything else in between.


Philosophy we live by

  • We hear our people. We are dependent on our users feedback as we aim to create the best experience for them.
  • We cultivate perfectionism (in a good meaning of it).We love tinkering on the best solution for each feature even if it is a tiny one. And we manage to ship them pretty fast.
  • We are transparent with our actions.We are honest about what we stand for, where we’re going, and how we’re going to get there.
  • We trust our people.We believe in our people and community and trust them. As a result we don’t micro-manage and give people the power to just get on with it.
  • We have a blameless culture.If something goes wrong, it goes wrong. We face it, fix the it and the root cause and move on.

Founder’s story

Baserow was started by our awesome founder Bram. He started working on Baserow back in early 2019 as a side project and launched the first version in May 2020. He built the first version with his own two hands only.

Traditions from the life at Baserow:

We are remote-only

We are a fully remote company (since day one) with an async approach on normal days and a sync one before releases. We don’t micromanage, we encourage autonomy and individualism.

Geographically diverse

All team members are from different countries: Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, US, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine.

We meet in person

Once a year we gather together on the team off-sites to celebrate wins and show off work we’re proud of.

We have fun

We joke, share ideas, send GIFs, and have fun working together. On Fridays, we spend a few hours hanging out together (online).

One big happy team

There are 17 of us in the team. We also have 6 cats, 3 dogs, and one Tesla onboard that we treat as part of Baserow-ians.

We always stay in harmony trying to find those zen moments
We are looking in one direction
We are at a normal Baserow meeting
And we celebrate our successes
We love learning from each other

Career opportunities

If all of the above resonated with you, come join us!

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