About Baserow

Baserow is an open source no-code platform that allows you to create powerful software without technical knowledge.

The Baserow team is composed of driven individuals empowered by our goals, working practices, and company culture.


Philosophy we live by

  • We're open. Our code, product, and community are all in the open for everyone to join and contribute to. We're unapologetically pro-open source, and are building Baserow following open source principles.

  • We trust. We trust each other and our community. We trust each other to be autonomous and build Baserow to the best of our abilities. We trust our community to voice feedback, contribute, and help build Baserow to be the best it can be.

  • We're blameless. We understand that mistakes are caused by bad processes and not people. We identify and adjust our processes to fix root causes, instead of assigning blame.

Founder’s story

Baserow started as a side project in 2019 by Bram. The first version launched in May 2020. Soon after, the first couple of team members were hired. We then raised a seed round in 2022, and have since grown to 17 full-time Baserowers!

Traditions from the life at Baserow:

We're remote-first

We've been a fully remote company since day one. We don’t micromanage, and maintain a very flat hierarchy. We encourage autonomy and individualism.

Geographically diverse

Our team members are everywhere: Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, US, United Arab Emirates, and Ukraine.

We hang out

Once a year, we meet to get to bond, learn about each other, talk Baserow, and have a great time.

One happy team

There are 17 humans, but we also have 6 cats, 3 dogs, and one Tesla onboard that we consider teammates.

Meditation leads to great code!
Our first all-hands-on-deck
A normal Baserow swim-up
We build together
We learn from each other

Career opportunities

If you like what you see, join us!

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