Manage finance operations, your way

One platform to manage financial planning, expenses, budgeting, and drive financial KPIs across your organization. Stay in control, keep everyone engaged, and organize finance operations to maximize your business.

Manage finance operations, your way

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Streamline financial processes

Store, manage, and organize all your financial data in one place. From budgets and expenses to invoices and financial reports, create custom databases tailored to your finance team's needs. Embrace a streamlined and efficient way of working that saves you time and frustration.

Streamline financial processes

Create financial objectives that drive organizational alignment

Build financial KPIs, departments budgets, approval processes and empower your stakeholders to gather insights on how they track against the company financial targets. Control costs by aligning everyone to a single data platform that supports real-time data and visibility.

Create financial objectives that drive organizational alignment


increase in productivity
data security compliance
KPI alignment

Maintain data integrity

Eliminate information silos between teams by customizing your databases, tables, and fields with your specific requirements. Easily configure forms, filters, and views to display financial information exactly the way you need it. No coding skills required.

Maintain data integrity

Why Baserow?

Infinitely flexible, easy to use, data compliant, and cost-efficient.

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    Build the way you want.

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    Ease of use

    No technical skills required.

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    Security and compliance

    Stay compliant with data policies and governance.

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    Free forever. Pay as you grow.

Build predictable finance processes

Set up rules and triggers to automate actions like data entry, report generation, or notifications. Build approval workflows and build predictable finance processes you can enforce across your organization.

Build predictable finance processes

Count on the power of financial management

Our team is ready to help you unlock the power of your finances. From budgeting, to invoicing, to reporting, reach out today to start simplifying your financial tasks.

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