Frequently asked questions

What is Baserow?
Baserow is an open-source no-code database. Our database platform enables both non-technical and technical teams to capture, organize and build logical relationships between data to trigger decisions and automate processes. We focus on openness, scalability, performance, and data security.
Who Baserow is suitable for?
Baserow works with companies of all sizes, across every industry — even ones with strict data governance rules as we offer self-hosting solutions. Whatever work you do, you can capture, organize, visualize and maintain all your data efficiently using Baserow.
Why should my company use Baserow?
Baserow is a to-go solution to keep everything in sync across any organization. Use Baserow to: - Align everyone on tasks and objectives. - Collaborate more effectively between team members. - Visualize progress on your projects. - Keep your data updated and visible to everyone. If you use Excel to capture and organize data, using Baserow gives you more: collaboration, more data types, different views, relationships between tables and much more. Baserow is a real database without technical developer skills required.
Which open-source license does Baserow have?
Almost all of the Baserow code is MIT licensed, and it is the most permissive license out there. As a permissive license, it puts only very limited restrictions on reuse and has, therefore, high license compatibility.
What languages does Baserow support?
Baserow is available in 6 languages: English, Français, Nederlands, Deutsch, Italiano, Español — and it’s only the beginning! We’ll continue making our product feel native to more and more people. To set up your language: go to Settings → Interface Language in your account.
How to move data from –> self-hosted?
For now, in order to move your data from the hosted to a self-hosted version you need a bit of assistance from one of the team members. Use the contact form to request a migration and we will help you with it. As the first step, we will verify your ownership of data, then create the export and provide instructions on how to import it. After that, you will be able to import your data into your self-hosted instance. The downside is that you need to have some technical skills and be comfortable with the command line to import your data. In the future, we plan to simplify this process and make it possible to move data via the web frontend.
How can I contact the support team?
If you want to share a feature idea, submit feedback, or report an issue and get some help from fellow makers, please go to the community forum:
Is it possible to collaborate in Baserow?
Yes! Invite whoever needs to be involved via email and collaborate in real-time. Changes in data are immediately visible.
How to add a license to the self-hosted version?
You first need to create an account in the hosted version of Baserow. Here you will see a subscriptions link in the left sidebar. Here you can buy a license to the self hosted version. After you've purchased your license you need to copy the license key, go to you self hosted environment, click on Admin -> Licenses -> Register license and paste the license there.
Can I embed Baserow?
Yes, you can embed a publicly shared grid view via an iframe.
Can I use Baserow as the backend for the web applications?
Of course! You can store, retrieve, update, and delete your data in Baserow. Set up webhooks to track all changes made to your data by receiving real-time notifications.
How do I purchase a subscription?
Sign in to your Baserow account. Under Subscriptions, choose Add new. Select SaaS (hosted cloud version) or Self hosted (your own server), and follow the steps listed on the Payment page.
What payment methods are accepted?
Currently, you can pay only with a credit card. We plan to add more payment methods in the future.
How do I change the subscription plan (downgrade/upgrade)?
Sign in to your Baserow account. Under Subscriptions, choose Workspace and click on More details. Select Change Subscription, choose the desired plan, then select Confirm Change
Can I cancel my subscription?
Sign in to your Baserow account. Under Subscriptions, choose Workspace and click on More details. Select Cancel Subscription and confirm the action in the pop-up by clicking Cancel Subscription again.
Will Baserow be free forever?
Baserow hosted version will remain free, but if you want to store more data you need to upgrade to the next plan. Upgrading will also give you access to the Premium features. The self-hosted version will never have row, storage, or API request limitations. It will always be unlimited and free. However, if you want to activate the Premium features, you need to pay for it on a per-user per-month basis.
Does Baserow provide nonprofit discounts?
We plan to offer some discounts for non-profit organizations and probably for students in the future. We haven’t created this program yet, as we’re still figuring out all of the details on how it will work, and who can apply. As soon as we have all info confirmed we will share it with the public.
Where is the Baserow server located?
Baserow servers are located in Amsterdam.
What are the limitations in records, rows, and API requests?
The self-hosted version will never have rows, records, or API request limitations. It will always be unlimited. In the hosted version, limitations depend on the plan.
Does Baserow have a rate limit?
The self-hosted version of Baserow does not have a rate limit. The hosted version has a rate limit of maximum 10 concurrent requests. Requests are typically faster on tables with a lower number of fields and rows.
Why do I receive a "Connection to the server failed" pop-up on
Baserow has an active web socket connection to receive real-time updates. The "Connection to the server failed" pop-up on is related to real-time collaboration. It indicates that there is a temporary issue with your connection to the Baserow server. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as network instability, server maintenance, or an interruption in your internet connection. If you lose your internet connection, put your device in sleep mode, or similar, you could lose connection. Baserow will attempt to reconnect many times, but it will display a warning if that fails. In many cases, the connection problem is usually temporary. You can restore the connection to the Baserow server by refreshing the page. If the issue persists or you suspect it’s specific to your Baserow account, contact the Baserow support team for further assistance.
What are the security and privacy measures and practices implemented by Baserow?
We prioritize data protection through several measures. Firstly, user data is regularly backed up with point-in-time recovery, ensuring data integrity and availability. Additionally, all data stores and S3 buckets housing customer data are encrypted at rest, enhancing data security. For data transmission, TLS 1.2 or higher is utilized, bolstering security when data is transmitted over potentially insecure networks. In terms of compliance, we are actively working towards achieving SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance, reflecting our commitment to meeting industry standards. Transparency is a priority, with almost all of our code being source available, allowing for scrutiny and verification. Access control is enforced through role-based security measures, providing robust authentication and ensuring only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data. Our team members play an essential role in maintaining security, as they undergo regular internal training to stay vigilant and respond effectively to potential threats. Data location is a critical aspect of our security strategy, and all user data is securely stored in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe, ensuring data safety and compliance with regional regulations. To proactively address security risks, we employ automated vulnerability scanning and utilize frameworks like Django and Vue.js in our development processes to avoid common security mistakes, safeguarding our systems and user data.