App Pitch Planner
Local Business, Startup

Whether you work at a big digital agency or you are an independent developer, eventually pitching your app is inevitable. Your audience can range from family members and friends to VC investors. Proper presentation structure will convince others to invest their time and money into your ideas.

With just a bit of tinkering on this template, you can create all types of you app presentations: ranging from pitch deck to amazing TED-style talk which will glue your audience to their screens. It’s a plus to have a talent in public speaking, but without a structure, your content will confuse the audience.

Add your key points, so you will speak straight to the point, without losing focus on your message.

The Baserow interface will help you foresee the big picture of your presentation and you can edit the structural details anytime while editing your presentation outline.

Customize the duration of the presentation and make sure to mark the status if a specific part of your outline is ready and polished.

Change your presentation dramatic structure: add funny moments, then switch to serious pacing, then be bold and analytic. Add pacing details according to your speaking style and/or adapt to your audience preferences.

You may think that public speaking is a talent. But the truth is that proper planning and preparation will make you a world-class speaker. Use this template as a cheat sheet for your next presentation. It will provide you with clarity and confidence.