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If you live in a city, you’ve probably got hundreds of food options around, if not thousands. Regardless of whether you’re a foodie or not, we all need to eat. If you like to keep things simple and order the same 2 dishes from the same 3 places, this template makes it easy to track each order, what you ordered, from where, and on what date. If you’re more of an explorer, this template provides you with a great opportunity to track every restaurant you’ve been to, and ones you want to check out. Keep track of all orders and restaurants of the past and of the future, wasting less time on trying to figure out all your food options. If you’re trying to limit your eating out, this table can also serve that purpose and show you how much money you are spending on each order, and how often you order.

Decision fatigue is real. When you’ve got so many options around you, it can be quite exhausting to make a decision, especially when you’re hungry. People often spend more time trying to find a place to eat than they spend actually eating your food. It’s also very easy to forget some of your favorite food places when you are bombarded with new restaurants around. Before you know it, the last time you ate the egg masala you love was 7 months ago, and you wonder how you ever forgot about that dish. Use this template to log all food and restaurants, both old and new. Accept new recommendations for dishes, or stick to the classics. Get a taste of the features of this template organized by table:


All your takeout and delivery history in one place. If you can’t remember what you ordered last Friday night for dinner, or which place you spent the most money on, this table provides you with those details. This overview of all the orders can also help you make future decisions when unsure where to order from.


  • Order ID. The unique ID associated with the order.
  • Placed on. The date the order was placed in Year/month/day format.
  • Pickup. This boolean field marks off whether the order was a pickup
  • Food ordered. This field links to the Restaurants table, displaying the specific restaurant you ordered the dish from.
  • From. This field links to the Restaurants table, displaying the restaurant that prepared the food.
  • Through. The delivery company used to deliver the food. This field is linked to the Order platforms table.
  • Tip. The amount you tipped on the order.
  • Order total. This formula field adds the price of the dish and the cost of the delivery fee if the order was a delivery as well as the tip.


  • All orders. Displays all order sorted by earliest order date to the latest date.
  • Lower budget. Displays orders that cost less than 15 of any currency. Use this view when trying to figure out what food to order when you’re short on cash. This view is sorted by cheapest order to most expensive.
  • Carry out. Displays orders that were for pick up/carry out, and not for delivery. The view is sorted by earliest order date first.
  • Delivery. Displays orders that were scheduled to be delivered. The view is sorted by earliest order date first.


Are you the type of person that sticks to their favorite dish because you can guarantee you’ll love your dinner, or are you the type that loves changing it up and trying out different dishes? This table logs all dishes that you’ve tried or that you intend to try. There’s even a form you can send to your friends for their dish recommendations.


  • Name. The name of the dish.
  • Type. The type of food this dish falls under. This field gathers this information from the Restaurants table.
  • Overall rating. The rating on a scale of 1 to 5 emojis for how tasty the food was.
  • Available from. This linked field identifies which restaurant you could purchase the specific dish from.
  • Average price per dish. The average cost of the dish in any currency.
  • Heat level. The spiciness of the food rated by 1-5 flags, 5 being on fire.
  • Orders. This field links to the Orders table, displaying various orders which contained the specific dish.


  • All dishes. Displays all dishes sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Need to try. Displays dishes that you have not yet ordered and still are excited to try! This view is sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Previously ordered. Displays dishes that you have ordered in the past. This view is sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Cheaper. Displays dishes that cost less than 13 of a currency sorted by the cheapest to the most expensive.
  • Spicy and delicious. Displays dishes that are highest rated overall, while maintaining a heat level of 5. This view is sorted by highest heat level first.
  • Dish suggestions. Displays a form which you can send to your friends to suggest new dishes for you to try!


Dishes are only as good as the chef preparing them. You can order the same dish from one restaurant and rate it a 1, and have the same dish from a different restaurant rated a 5. This table serves to track all your favorite food establishments regardless of whether you order for take out, delivery, or you dine in. Looking to try a new place all together? Send your friends the restaurant recommendation form, allowing them to suggest a new place for you.


  • Name. The name of the restaurant.
  • Type of food. A field that links to the *Food types *****table, displaying the type of food
  • Order platform(s). This field is linked to the Order platforms table. It shows which platform was used to place the order.
  • Address. The address of the restaurant.
  • Website. The URL of the restaurant’s website.
  • Well known for their. This field displays dishes that are well known at this restaurant. it is linked to the Dishes table.
  • Options available. A multi select field that displays different options the restaurant has. Is it vegetarian friendly? Can you find low carb options?
  • Rating. The rating of the restaurant on a scale of 1-5 stars, 5 being the best.
  • Number of orders. This formula field counts the number of orders you’ve placed to the specific restaurant.
  • Orders. This field links to the Orders table. It contains all of the individual orders that you’ve placed for the restaurant.


  • All restaurants. Displays all restaurants sorted in alphabetical order.
  • High rating. Displays restaurants that have a 5 star rating sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Vegetarian friendly. Displays restaurants that have vegetarian options, sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Celiac friendly. Displays restaurants that have gluten free options, sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Multiple orders. Displays restaurants where you’ve placed more than one order, sorted by most frequently ordered at the top.
  • Recommendations. Displays a form that can be shared to receive new restaurant recommendations.

Order platforms

Many restaurants partner with delivery companies that provide their own platform you can place your order through. Ordering online is generally the most convenient method of placing orders. It requires no human interaction, and you can take your time making your decisions. This table includes all platforms through which you can order or get your food delivered, and which restaurants accept orders through this platform.


  • Name. The name of the platform used.
  • Delivery fee. If ordering for delivery, the cost of the delivery fee.
  • Account required. Are you able to check out as a guest? If so, don’t check mark this field.
  • Restaurants partnered with. This field links to the Restaurants table, indicating which restaurants allow you to place an order using the platform.
  • Orders. This field links to the Orders table, displaying the different orders placed from the restaurant.


  • All platforms. Displays all platforms sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Requires account. Displays all platforms that require an account sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Expensive delivery. Displays platforms that have a delivery fee above 3 of any currency, sorted by highest delivery fee to lowest.
  • Previously used. Displays platforms that you’ve used in the past sorted in alphabetical order.