Holiday Shopping

Every year, you know you have to buy friends, family, and colleagues gifts. And every year, you’re likely dreading it because you don’t know what to get them. Take the hassle out of shopping by finally getting organized once and for all with this Holiday Shopping template! Complete with space for all the people in your life, this template is designed for the holiday shopper in mind. And hey—if you do enjoy holiday shopping, all the better. This template will power up your holiday shopping process in no time.

There are three main components to holiday shopping: The people you shop for, the items you’re planning on gifting to those people, and the shops from which you buy those gifts. This template has all three. Here are a few template features and highlights, by table:


Believe it or not, research has shown that we get more happiness out of giving gifts than receiving them. So make it hap’n, cap’n! This table contains all critical properties surrounding gifts, such as the price of the item, images for reference, tracking, delivery, shop origin, and more.


  • Item. The name of the gift item.
  • Image. A place to store one (or many) images of the gift.
  • Price. How much the item costs. Hopefully less than their reaction, which is priceless. 😜
  • URL. A direct link to the item online.
  • Ordered. A checkbox to denote if the item was ordered or still needs to be ordered.
  • Logistic. Even with the explosion in shopping online, there’s still a lot of shopping being done offline. This field allows you to select if the item will need to be picked up or delivered.
  • Tracking. The tracking number of the item in case the item is to be delivered.
  • In-hand. Once you’ve ordered the item, regardless of whether you picked it up or had it delivered, select this field to make sure you have it on hand and are ready to gift it!
  • Shop. This is a linked field to the Shops table. It allows you to connect those shops to each item so you can easily see which shop the item needs to be purchased from.
  • Gifting to. This is a linked field to the People table. Similar to how the items are linked to individual shops, this field denotes which person the item is for.


  • All gifts. Displays all gifts, sorted alphabetically by Item.
  • Ordered. Displays all gifts that have been ordered, sorted alphabetically by Item.
  • Missing. Displays all gifts that have been ordered, but not received. This view is sorted sorted alphabetically by Item.
  • Not ordered. Displays all gifts that have yet to be ordered, sorted alphabetically by Item.
  • Big ticket items. Displays gifts that cost more than 300 of the currency. This view is sorted by highest price to lowest Price.
  • Gifts gallery. Displays a gallery of all gifts, sorted alphabetically by Item from A to Z.
  • Logistics. Displays a kanban view of all gifts, stacked by Logistic.
  • New gift idea. Displays a form view that can let you or your friends add new gift ideas to the database.


What are gifts without people to share them with? Whether it’s a family member, friend, or colleague, this table focuses on the essentials of the people you’re holiday shopping for.


  • Name. The name of the person for whom you’re shopping.
  • Photo. A photo of the person for whom you’re shopping.
  • Gifts. This is a linked field to the Gifts table, which shows all the gifts that a person is going to receive. makes it easy to see it all in one place!
  • Address. The person’s physical address.
  • Email. The person’s email address.
  • Phone. The person’s phone number.
  • Spent on gifts. This formula field calculates the total amount of money spent on the specific person’s gifts.


  • All people. Displays all people, sorted alphabetically by Name.
  • New person. Displays a form that lets you add new people to your database.
  • People gallery. Displays a gallery of all the people in the database, sorted alphabetically by Name.


Whether physical or virtual, it’s imperative that you look into the stores that carry the items you’re looking for. Each store has its own set of properties that you need in order to be proactive and order those gifted items from. Otherwise, you’ll be scrambling to find those gifts at the last minute!


  • Name. The name of the shop.
  • Address. The shop’s physical address.
  • Email. The shop’s email address.
  • Phone. The store’s phone number.
  • Website. The store’s website or online presence.
  • OpenStreetMap. The shop’s direct OpenStreetMap URL.
  • Gifts. This is a linked field to the Gifts table, which allows you to easily cross-reference which gifts need to be bought at each respective store.
  • Number of gifts. The number of gifts purchased from the store. If you’re running low on time, use this field to decide which shops are worth stopping at because they’ve served you well in the past.


  • All shops. Displays all shops, sorted alphabetically by the shop’s Name.