Teacher Lesson Plans
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Proper preparation for class time is at the heart of being an excellent teacher. Lesson planning goes a long way to enhancing student’s learning experience. Providing students with a variety of resources both in the form of text books as well as online resources allows the students to build upon their foundational understanding of the material. Having proper plans gives teachers a schedule they can abide by, and it can ensure teachers are using their class time in the most efficient way possible. A proper lesson plan is imperative to effective teaching.

Teachers have to deal with quiet the variety of difficulties ranging from teaching material, to a group of students vastly varying in their reading capabilities, down to finding different ways to making “boring” informational material come to life and interest the students. Having a proper lesson plan helps teachers maintain a quality standard teaching pattern aimed at providing a clear, logical plan to provide students with all information and materials that are required for them to meet the desired learning objectives for the year.

Formulating lesson plans can be quite tedious if you don’t have a proper organization tool at your disposal, but you do! This template can organize the different units and all materials associated with teaching that unit to ensure a smooth learning path with ample resources for the students.

Here are a few of the template’s features and highlights, by table:


The units table serves as a roadmap for teachers to indicate the primary lessons that are the focus of the classroom during the given time period. It includes the different resources, assignments, and field trips associated with the specific units.


  • Name. The name of the unit.
  • Objectives. The learning objectives for the unit.
  • Start date. The projected start date of the unit in ISO year/month/day format.