Wedding Planning
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You should be nothing but happy on the biggest day of your life. But in order for everything to go smoothly, it takes planning beforehand! Weddings are one of the happiest, yet most expensive and stressful events you will ever take part in. In the process, you will be subjected to a ton of meetings with vendors, trying to ensure everything is the way you envisioned—all at once. There are so many details that have to be taken care of that it is easy to lose sight of the big picture—the one that matters most, the one that is supposed to be the center of your attention. Fortunately, this Wedding Planning template has got you covered!

Whether it’s a small or large wedding, planning a wedding requires a ton of work and diligence, With so many different variables and options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when planning for the big day. That’s why we’ve created this Wedding Planning template, which will help you plan every single detail of your wedding.

This Wedding Planning template is complete with venues, guests, supplies, vendors, and even seating charts, so that you can bring all fragmented aspects of wedding planning into one centralized location where you can keep track of absolutely everything for your special day. After all, a memorable wedding revolves around you, your spouse, and the people around you. But the underlying foundation is in the planning!

Here are a few template features and highlights, by table:


Location, location, location. Everyone has their own vastly different preferences for the perfect wedding location: Up in the snowy, rocky mountains of Colorado, a lighthouse in Maine during sunset, or a beach in Bermuda. Whatever your ideal location may be, it’s likely that finding the right one will take some bouncing around.

This Venues table provides a simple, effective way to keep track of all your desired wedding locations, complete with information about the venue such as capacity, cost, availability, and more.


  • Name. Every location, big or small, up in the mountains or along the beach, has a name. This is it.
  • Location. The address of the venue.
  • Pictures. Venues are usually remembered most visually—snap some pictures of the venue from your visit, as well as pictures of other events that have occurred at each venue so you can get a sense of what the big day would look and feel like for you.
  • Map. If you’re not too good with directions, it might be nice to grab a quick screenshot of where the venue is on the map. Even if you are good with directions, a helpful reference point won’t hurt!
  • Capacity. Big wedding? Small wedding? This field will determine how big the party can be.
  • Rental Cost. The price for renting out the venue on your given day.
  • Cost Per Person. This formula field automatically calculates the cost per person based on the price of the venue divided by the maximum capacity number.
  • Notes. This is always a helpful field for jotting down any important/miscellaneous notes about anything related.
  • Available on Date. You may fall in love with a particular venue, and that’s great! But what if the venue isn’t available on your wedding day? Ensure your dream venue is available on your dream day with this simple checkbox field to denote if the venue is available or not.


  • All Venues. All the possible venues, sorted alphabetically by name.
  • Pricey. This view displays all the venues that have a Rental Cost of 10,000 or more. Of course, the term “pricey,” is subjective, so feel free to adjust this threshold as you see fit.


Friends, family, and colleagues—all of whom are there to share the joy on your big day! The famous guest list is usually the main driver when it comes to wedding planning, as the size of the guest list also influences the venue decision, since you need to be able to fit all your guests comfortably.


  • Full Name. The guest’s full name.
  • Address. Needed in order to send out invites!
  • Picture. A picture of the guest. May not always be necessary, but certainly helpful, especially for those unknown.
  • Dinner. The guest’s meal choice for dinner.
  • Dinner Table. Where the guest will be located for dinner during the wedding.
  • Invite Sent. A simple checkbox to toggle whether an invite has been sent to the guest or not.
  • Confirmed. After sending the invite, the guest needs to reply! This field allows you to toggle whether that guest has confirmed attendance or not.
  • Notes. A general, all-purpose field to capture any other necessary information about guests.


  • All Guests. This view displays all guests, sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Not Confirmed. This view displays all guests who have yet to confirm the RSVP, but only if they have been invited. If the guest has not been invited, they will not show up on this view.
  • Missing Invite. This view displays guests who have not been sent an invite yet.
  • Dinner: Chicken. This view displays every guest who selected chicken as the dinner option.
  • Dinner: Beef. This view displays every guest who selected beef as the dinner option.
  • Dinner: Fish. This view displays every guest who selected fish as the dinner option.
  • Dinner: Vegan. This view displays every guest who selected the vegan dinner option.


From the cake, to the wedding bands, to the music, and every little detail in between, this table provides a detailed structure for absolutely every piece of your wedding.


  • Item. The name and/or short description of the item in discussion. Note that certain items may be sets, but this is of course up to your discretion.
  • Pictures. Upload one or multiple pictures of the item. This is particularly useful in certain situations where you may need to verify that the item you originally selected is accurately reflected physically as it is digitally (or vice versa).
  • Vendor. This is a linked field to the Vendors table which designates which vendor is responsible for supplying the product.
  • Category. Is the item for the ceremony, or the reception? This is where you can label each item accordingly to keep things in order.
  • Cost. The cost of the item.
  • Notes. A place to capture any information about items that otherwise may not be captured.


  • All Supplies. Displays all supplies, sorted in from highest to lowest cost.


Guests are important, but so are vendors! After all, they provide dinner, drinks, music, arrangements, and other services to make your wedding day the best it can be. This table contains the most important information for all your wedding vendors.


  • Name. The name of the vendor.
  • Supplies. This is a linked field to the Supplies table, which provides an easy view to see which supplies that vendor is responsible for/will be providing.
  • Phone. The vendor’s phone number. Always good to be on call in case of emergency!
  • Email. The vendor’s email address.
  • Notes. A catch-all notes field for jotting down important notes about the vendor.


  • All Vendors. Displays all vendors, sorted by alphabetical order.


You have guests, but where are they going to sit? Well, we know Becky and Hannah don’t get along, so they can’t sit together. And Roger is dating Jeremy’s ex, so there’s that drama too. No need to worry about the baby momma drama—organize every table at your wedding with this seating chart table. It’s a table of tables!


  • Table Name. Name your tables in whatever manner feels right.
  • Guests. This is a linked field to the Guests table, which provides easy insight into which guests are sitting at each table.
  • Notes. Hopefully used to keep track of something not drama related, but certainly a good place to jot down some of those notes if necessary. 🤞😅


  • All Seats. This view displays all tables.