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1.10.2 release of Baserow

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What’s new in Baserow 1.10.2

Today we are excited to release Baserow 1.10.2 where for the first time hosted and self-hosted users can easily subscribe to our premium and advanced plans! We have also included a bunch of new features and improvements. Want the full scoop? Check out everything new below.

Duplication of rows and views

You asked – we listened. One of the most requested features is now available in Baserow – duplication of rows and views. To duplicate a row, you need to right click on a row and select the duplicate row option from the dropdown. To duplicate a view, you need to click on the view’s options at the top left side of the table and select the duplicate view option from the dropdown. Next on the radar is the duplication of columns, tables, and databases (coming out in Baserow 1.11).

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Linked rows allow you to create relationships between your data to minimize redundant rows, while ensuring they are available where you need it.

Previously, it was only possible to link two different tables together, now you can also link to the same table. To create a link that references rows in its own table, you need to create a link to table field and choose the same table as its source.

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Pre-filling a form

Whether you are capturing leads, collecting survey results, or registering people for an event, you can get responses directly into your table by using the form view in Baserow. Now with the pre-filling feature, you can use pre-fill parameters in the URL of the form to pre-fill specific fields making forms even more powerful.

How to pre-fill a form?

  1. Copy your form URL.

  2. Add URL parameters: ?prefill_<field_name>=<value>.

  3. Share the pre-filled link.

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Row ID

In Baserow every row in a table has a unique identifier , which increments for each new row. However, when a row is deleted, new rows will never use the deleted row’s old identifier, leaving a gap. Now you can choose whether you want to see the row identifier or the position of the row without any gaps. If you prefer the second option, choose count in the menu dropdown.

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Improved importing

The importing of files when you create a new table can now handle huge files. Because of these improvements we have now removed the 5000 row limit in the hosted version of Baserow.

New self-hosting options

It was already easy to self host Baserow with our Heroku, Cloudron, Docker and Ubuntu support. We’ve made it even easier by including instructions for Render and Kubernetes. We’ve also included documentation on how to run Baserow behind Apache, NGINX or Traefik. Finally Baserow’s docker images should now work out of the box on Portainer and other similar platforms.

Revamped Plugins

We’ve revamped our plugin system and docs letting anyone now easily and quickly make, publish and install powerful Baserow plugins. Check out the updated documentation here to get started building your own plugins and customizing Baserow to your hearts content.

Pricing plan update: Baserow subscriptions are now live!

Premium and advanced plans are now available via our subscription service! Baserow remains free and open source to give everyone the opportunity to use, customize and extend our software as you want. With the new premium paid plan (available for SaaS and self hosted), we give you access to several nice additional features like:

  • Additional export formats.
  • Instance-wide admin user management (only available for self hosting).
  • Row comments.
  • Row coloring.
  • The kanban view.
  • On the SaaS version, you also get more rows and file storage in the premium plan.

The paid advanced plan is available for SaaS-only customers and will give you the most rows and storage quota. Later this year we will also offer role based access control and SLA-based direct support.

The self hosted enterprise plan will also become available later this year. It will include role based access control, single sign-on, system wide audit logs, sign-up rules and SLA-based direct support.

We believe you will find the plan best suited for your specific needs: free, premium, advanced or enterprise. Check out the new Pricing page here:

New pages

We’ve given our website a bit of TLC, check out the following new pages to learn more about Baserow.

About us page

Choosing software is also choosing company beliefs. Meet the team, philosophy, and traditions as well as the core principles that dictate everything we build at Baserow:

FAQ page

This page addresses frequently asked questions about Baserow. They may be particularly useful to those who are new to our project. If you don’t find all the relevant information there, please do not hesitate to contact us in the community forum at any time:

User documentation

Learning Baserow becomes more simple with the newly released User Documentation. The idea of the page is to have Baserow categorized and explained from A to Z to help our users get comfortable with the tool. Check out the progress made so far:

Ask Me Anything

Join the first community event AMA to ask us anything on your mind. Product strategy, new subscription plans, feature requests, integrations with other tools, customer support, onboarding services, SLAs, and investment priorities — get answers to your biggest questions in real-time from the team.

Register for our first Ask Me Anything session not to miss the event.

Community Contributions

Today we want to thank Dennis Vermeulen for contributing “Resolve “Clicking on the trash button in the file upload modal hides the entire modal”. We’re always happy to see the community involvement, your enthusiasm is highly appreciated 💙

All changes including the bug fixes!

  • Added link to table contains filter.
  • Made the styling of the dashboard cleaner and more efficient.
  • Added possibility to delete own user account.
  • Added new group_user_added signal that is called when an user accept an invitation to join a group.
  • Added new before_group_deleted signal that is called just before a group would end up in the trash.
  • Added multi-cell clearing via backspace key (delete on Mac).
  • Added API exception registry that allows plugins to provide custom exception mappings for the REST API.
  • Added formula round and int functions.
  • Views can be duplicated.
  • Link to table field can now link rows in the same table.
  • Made it clearer that you’re navigating to when clicking the “Get a license” button.
  • Redirect to signup instead of the login page if there are no admin users.
  • ./ all_in_one_dev now starts a hot reloading dev mode using the all-in-one image.
  • Add startup check ensuring BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL and related variables are correct.
  • Made it possible to extend the register page.
  • Made it possible to extend the app layout.
  • Allow to import more than 15Mb.
  • Add the ability to disable the model cache with the new BASEROW_DISABLE_MODEL_CACHE env variable.
  • Upload modal no longer closes when removing a file.
  • API returns a nicer error if URL trailing slash is missing.
  • Added the ability to use commas as separators in number fields.
  • Shift+Enter on grid view exit from editing mode for long text field.
  • Shift+Enter on grid view go to field below.
  • Fields are sortable in the row edit modal.
  • Multi row delete.
  • Added formula field to the options for the primary field.
  • Added debugging commands/options for inspecting tables and updating formulas.
  • Fixed dependent fields not being updated if the other side of a link row field changed.
  • Fixed nested aggregate formulas not calculating results or causing errors.
  • Fixed regex_replace formula function allowing invalid types as params.
  • Fixed newly imported templates missing field dependencies for some link row fields.
  • Fixed converting a link row not updating dependants on the reverse side.
  • Fixed formula bugs caused by unsupported generation of BC dates.
  • Fixed formula bug caused when looking up date intervals.
  • Treat null values as zeros for numeric formulas.
  • Fixed rare formula bug with multiple different formulas and view filters in one table.
  • Fixed errors when using row_id formula function with left/right functions.
  • Fixed URL fields not being available in lookup fields.
  • Fixed lookup field conversions deleting all of its old field dependencies.
  • Fixed views becoming inaccessible due to race condition when invalidating model cache.
  • Fixed refresh formula options button always being shown initially.
  • Fixed get_human_readable_value crashing for some formula types.

What’s next?

In this release, we focused on fixing a lot of smaller issues and did a lot of preparation work for Baserow 1.11. As the next steps, we will continue working on some big features planned for the next release: additional importing, snapshots, form conditions, and more duplication possibilities. As always we will keep implementing features suggested by the community and fixing bugs.

Do you have questions regarding the new updates? Or anything else? Leave your questions in our official community forum — we’re always happy to answer them!

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