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Announcing Baserow’s €5m seed round

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Baserow started out as a side project almost three and half years ago. Early 2019, I pushed the first commit, and it has been an exciting ride ever since. At that point I was still working solo on the project, in the evenings and the weekends, whilst still working as a full stack developer. It took a while to launch the first version because I wanted to deliver well documented, tested, modular and performant code. After the launch almost a year later, I saw a lot of traction. That’s the moment when I decided to switch to part time freelancing to cover my living expenses in order to work more on Baserow.

Since then, Baserow has grown from a side project maintained by a single developer to a startup with a team of 10 talented people I am very proud to work with. We are all working 100% remotely, we all live in different countries, we meet twice a year in person and are dedicated to building the first open source no-code toolchain. Even though we move incredibly fast, we all believe that quality, transparency, modularity and performance should come first. This you can clearly see in the company and our product.

I’ve been looking for a co-founder with a complimentary skill set for a while. Someone who can help me build a company around the open source project. I’m very happy to have met Olivier Maes, who has recently joined Baserow as my co-founder and CRO. Olivier comes with a successful track record in both open source (Rancher Labs acquired by Suse) and no-code (Mendix acquired by Siemens). He will be responsible for building and leading the commercial operations of Baserow.

Accelerating our vision

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that we have raised a €5m seed round to accelerate our vision. This round is led by Amsterdam-based early stage investor Inkef, joined by firstminute capital, Seedcamp and Frontline and a great set of angel investors such as Job van der Voort from Remote, Martin Henk from Pipedrive and Shannon Williams from Rancher Labs.

“We are delighted to invest in Baserow as we are firm believers of the team’s vision to build a full no-code toolchain on the basis of a scalable database. No-code adoption in the enterprise is really still in its infancy with predominantly point solutions and no real winners yet,” says Frank Lansink, Partner at Inkef.

What’s next for Baserow

In the upcoming months you can expect a wider range of features, more tutorials and even more performance improvements. We will also launch our enterprise offering with features like role based access control and SLA-based direct support.

We are also working on other modules of our open source no-code toolchain. Early next year we expect to launch our application builder that seamlessly integrates with the Baserow database and other platforms as well.

Further down the road you can expect additional modules for the toolchain like workflow automation, but also a plugin and template marketplace where everyone share their creations. All whilst staying open source, modular, performant and transparent.

Join our community

One last thing! Having you part of our community would mean the world to us!

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