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April 2021 release of Baserow

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This month we made a couple of really useful improvements. It is now possible to run Baserow locally on your own device via docker-compose, rows can be ordered vertically by drag and drop in the grid view and we have introduced a premium feature to manage all users as admin in the self hosted version. As always, also many small changes and bug fixes have been included. A complete list can be found at the bottom of this page. We have also been making preparations for the features that we want to release in May.

Ordering of rows

Have you ever ran into the problem where it was not possible to move a row to the desired position. As of now, it is possible to drag and drop a row to the right position in your table. The handle is visible on the left side of the row when hovering over it with your mouse. It is only possible to move the row if there aren’t any sorts in the view because then the rows are already in a specific order.

Ordering rows by drag and drop

Rework of Baserow Docker files

This month we overhauled Baserow’s Docker images and Docker Compose files to be easier to use, more secure and faster to build. These are breaking changes if you were using the old docker-compose.yml and docker image files. Additionally the demo environment has been removed as you can now start up a fully setup Baserow locally like so:

$ git clone
$ cd baserow
$ docker-compose up

See below for new and updated documentation containing further detail:

Admin user management

In preparation for the upcoming premium version we have added the first premium only feature: an admin only page where the users of a self hosted Baserow server can be managed. On this page it is possible to see an overview of all users, see which users have access to which groups, change user information, deactivate/activate users and delete them permanently.

This feature will only be available if you self host and if you have access to the premium version. The first user that signs up in your self hosted environment will automatically become a staff member. Note that the it is not yet possible to get a subscription for to the premium version, so you will need to wait a bit longer to try it out.

Screenshot Baserow admin user management.

All changes

All the changes of version 1.2 listed.

  • Allow a file field in the templates.
  • Fixed bug where the rows could get out of sync during real time collaborations.
  • Ordering of rows by drag and drop.
  • Emails are now sent asynchronously which results in better performance.
  • Fixed a backend memory leak in the Link to table field.
  • Added a limit to the amount of fields in a table (Contributed by: Hassan K Salim).
  • Admin user management premium.
  • The templates are available directly from the website at
  • Compact version of the header if the filter, sorts and visible fields don’t fit anymore.
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