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August release of Baserow

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Over the last weeks we have worked on the most requested feature, the link to another table field. We are pleased to announce that this has been implemented as of today which brings Baserow to version 0.3.0. Due to the complexity of this feature we unfortunately did not have the time to work on the feature where you can publicly expose your data via an API. We have also fixed some bugs and minor issues.

Link row field

You can try out the link row field right now in the SaaS environment. If you have a copy of Baserow running on your local computer or server you might need to pull the develop branch and run the migrations. When you are logged into Baserow you need to have at least have two tables in your database. Open a table, click on the new field button and select the "Link to table" field type. Once selected you can choose a table where you want to link to. After creating the field you will probably notice that two fields have been created, one in the table you had open, lets call it TableA, and one in the related table, TableB. If you click on the cell you will see a small plus button which you can use to add relations. Once you have added your first relation you can open TableB and you will see that the newly field field holds the relation reversed. A relation can easily be deleted by selecting the cell and click on the X next to the name. Note that when you want to convert another field to a link row field you will lose all your data, same goes for the other way around.

Screenshot link row field Baserow

Small changes

Apart from the link row field we have also made some other small changes. You can find a list with changes below.

  • Fixed a bug where the text_default would unintentionally be set to empty if not provided.
  • Made the request password reset function more secure.
  • Increased the amount of password characters to 256 instead of 32.
  • Provide a machine readable message when your authentication token has expired.

Short term plans

You might have noticed the existing roadmap on the homepage. We are going to be interviewing Baserow users over the next days and ask them about the features they need. Based on that information the short term roadmap might change to fit the needs of our users. If you have feature requests please contact us via the contact form on the website.

Bug fix version 0.3.1

As you may have noticed there was an urgent bug that needed to be fixed related to the link row field. If you would change the name of a table that contained a link row field then the view could not be loaded anymore. The relations of the link row fields are stored in a table. This table contains the ID to TableA and an ID TableB. These ids are stored in columns and the name of those columns were related to the name of the tables. If the name of table was changed then Baserow expected that the name of column was was also changed, but this was not the case and that resulted in an error. This issue is fixed in version 0.3.1.

Baserow 'View not found.' error

If you encounter the 'View not found.' error in your local environment then you need to pull the latest changes and execute the database migrations. After pulling the latest changes you can run docker-compose -f docker-compose.demo.yml --build for the demo environment and for the development environment you can run python src/baserow/ migrate inside the backend container. That should solve the issue, but feel free to contact us if this does not work.

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