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Baserow awarded as the Best Value database by Capterra

Baserow awarded as the best value database by Capterra and Gartner Digital Markets

We’re thrilled to announce that Baserow has been recognized as an impactful database management software for businesses and for which we have received the Best Value badge from verified reviewers on Capterra!

Baserow recognized with the Best Value badge by Capterra

Big thanks to all of our users and community members! It would not have been possible without your constant support and feedback.

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Here’s what co-founder and CEO Bram Wiepjes had to say on the recognition:

“This recognition is a testament to the support and loyalty of our users. We always begin with our users’ end goals and interests in mind, so this recognition from Capterra proves that we’re on the right track. As an open source, community-driven platform, your support is everything to us. We’re committed to continue delivering the best possible value and experience. Baserow has already come so far, and this recognition inspires us to strive for even greater heights.”

Co-founder and CRO Olivier Maes had the following to add:

“This award is special because it highlights our commitment to providing a high-quality solution at a competitive price point. We believe that everyone should be empowered to build, without needing the technical expertise of a software engineer. This recognition reinforces our mission. We’re more motivated than ever to continue innovating and expanding our feature set to meet the evolving needs of our users. Thank you again to Capterra for this recognition, and our users for your support.”

Here’s what Baserow fans have to say about their experience:

“Baserow is the most affordable software on the market that allows for easily creating a highly customizable, multi variable catalog of items and even has the capacity to include photos. I use it to create and sort lists of hundreds of items and props and organize them by all the scenes that they play in.” — Juliana C.

“Very nice and easy to understand. I created a lot of functions and it will be useful for the project management. I like the number of type of fields, [the ability to] view each parameter of other tables, easy computation of data, [and the] possibility to use data with other apps (Retool, AppSmith, etc.).” — Samuel V.

“Perfect solution for a small business that needs a database, wants an inexpensive and scalable solution and that wants to control its data. If you want the ease of use of solutions like Airtable but at the same time control over your data and no vendor lock-in, look no further than Baserow!” — Daniel R.

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How Baserow enables you to create, scale, and own your data

Baserow is a powerful open-source, no-code database platform that helps teams and businesses manage their data with ease. With Baserow, you can easily create custom database applications without any coding skills and collaborate with your team in real-time. Baserow enables you to automate your workflows, streamline your data management, and make better, data-driven decisions.

One of the main benefits of Baserow is its open-source nature. Baserow is available for free, and its source code is publicly available. This means that you can use and modify Baserow to fit your unique business needs. Baserow is built using modern technologies such as Python, Django, and Vue.js, which make it a powerful and reliable tool.

Being open source, this also means that you can self-host Baserow on-premise and on your own servers. This allows you to meet strict legal and data compliance policies that are often difficult to maneuver when using SaaS hosted versions of proprietary software.

Another benefit of Baserow is its no-code approach. You don’t need to be a developer to use Baserow. With its intuitive user interface, you can easily create custom database applications by dragging and dropping fields, tables, and views. Baserow offers a range of pre-built field types, including text, number, date, and file upload, which make it easy to create a database application that fits your needs.

If you are a technical developer, you’ll feel at home with Baserow’s API-first and developer-friendly approach. You’re welcome to build plugins and even your own software on top of Baserow due to Baserow’s MIT license, which is the most permissive open source license in existence.

One of the key features of Baserow is its real-time collaboration capabilities. You can invite your team members to collaborate on your database application and work together in real-time. This means that you can share your database application with your team and get their input and feedback, all in real-time, and with high performance.

Baserow's data management capabilities

Baserow also offers powerful data management capabilities. You can store your data securely in one central location, and easily manage it using Baserow’s user-friendly interface. Baserow enables you to create multiple tables and views, and link them together using relationships. This means that you can create complex data models that can handle a wide range of data types, including dates, text, single select, multiple select, URL, and many more.

Baserow also helps you automate your workflows. With Baserow, you can create custom forms and views that enable you to reduce manual data entry. Baserow offers a range of automation features, including webhooks and integrations with popular tools such as Zapier, Make, and n8n. Integrations with these tools mean that you can connect to a virtually endless supply of other applications that enable you to create and automate complex workflows.

Baserow is also highly scalable. It can handle large amounts of data and can be scaled to meet the needs of growing businesses. Baserow’s modular architecture enables you to add new features and customize the tool to fit your business needs.

Additionally, Baserow is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need a custom database application without the high costs of hiring a developer or using proprietary software. Baserow is free to use, and its open-source nature means that you can modify and customize it to fit your teams and business as needed.

With its intuitive user interface, real-time collaboration capabilities, powerful data management features, and automation capabilities, Baserow is the perfect solution for teams and enterprises of all sizes.

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