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Digital visual management with no-code for faster industry 4.0

Digital Visual Management With No-Code for Faster Industry 4.0

Digital visual management systems built with no-code software can fast-track your organization’s shift to Industry 4.0. Digital wallboards that obtain data from many different sources can be built and integrated in just a few weeks with no-code solutions such as Baserow and Pingflow.

These powerful visual management screens can communicate key data in real-time, providing frontline workers with everything they need to manage and refine their daily operations. With easy integration and lower costs than other systems, manufacturers of all sizes can use this no-code solution for smart factory transformation and zero paper shopfloor operations.

On average, companies like Groupe Atlantic and Araymond have saved  700 hours of manual work per user per year, by replacing tedious manual data capture with smart, connected systems that bring the right data, at the right time, to the right people. Want to know more? Read on to find out how you can implement the no-code solution from Pingflow and Baserow in just a few weeks, without the need for any coding skills.

Digital visual management boards

What is digital visual management with no-code?

Digital visual management is an essential part of lean daily operational management within the manufacturing industry. It is used to give a snapshot of daily operations and communicate important information in a visual and real-time manner. The goal is to empower team members to keep track of KPIs, and daily production, capture incidents or failures, and share a vision of common objectives and goals with the shopfloor workers.

Without a digital system, daily shop floor management requires manual data capture. Often done on paper or with Excel, this process is time-consuming and prone to human error. Visual digital management bypasses these problems, providing the whole organization with all the data they need, displayed in real-time on interactive screens throughout the workplace.

Due to the cost of developing new applications, many manufacturers are not benefitting from purpose-built solutions. This is where the no-code solution from Pingflow and Baserow comes in. This smart system provides an alternative solution, giving manufacturers a faster way of implementing digital management. Instead of bringing in multiple software developers and vendors, staff can customize and manage this all-in-one solution themselves.

The result of the partnership between  Baserow and Pingflow is an all-in-one solution called Pingview that lets your whole team easily capture, visualize and manage shop floor data.

Pingflow & Baserow for faster Industry 4.0 transformation

The adoption of no-code technologies makes it possible for organizations to improve their business operations in months instead of years. If you want to avoid being left behind, there’s no better time than now to use no-code solutions to keep up with your competitors.

With Baserow and Pingflow you won’t waste time on manual data capture. Data from various paper sheets, whiteboards, and Excel files becomes structured data in Baserow, displayed in real-time on connected and interactive digital wallboards provided by Pingflow.

daily digital management system for Industry 4.0

Offering the characteristics of a scoreboard, a dashboard, and a database, Pingview wallboards are configured according to their application and location. Your data is connected from multiple sources, then retrieved and displayed on digital wallboards and forms in a clear and accessible way. Teams get an overall view of key data, activities, KPIs, and other indicators, all from one dynamic, interactive, and beautiful interface.

Powered by Baserow’s powerful no-code platform, wallboards can be fed with real-time data from existing sources such as Microsoft, Excel, Jira, and more, then easily organized, processed, and transformed into ready-to-use data. Forms can be easily built and customized with simple ‘drag and drop’ blocks containing commands and actions to streamline workflows and processes.

Shopfloor workers can interact with the wallboards to upload pictures through a form on their mobile device, status, or other information that populates the no-code database in real-time for quality control, continuous improvement, or other day-to-day management reports.

How digital visual management is used by manufacturers

Here’s how the Pingview / Baserow solution can be used to improve and refine daily management systems in the manufacturing industry.

Build checklists & forms in minutes

Using this no-code solution, you can easily convert paper checklists or Excel spreadsheets into smart inspection forms in minutes. This empowers frontline workers to capture data and instantly notify the right people. Baserow’s ‘drag and drop’ template builder makes it easy to create customized forms on your Pingview boards. Or skip forms completely by reporting observations, hazards, incidents, and more via QR code.

Pingflow wallboard powered by Baserow no-code database

Structured & organised data

Get an instant view of what’s happening out on the shop floor with structured and organized tables and forms. See everything from an easy-to-use database interface with clear and accessible tables, rows, and columns. Filter your data by location, time, department, employees, and much more. You’ll find color coding and a big library of ready-made templates to help you. Easily export your data for analyzing, processing, and creating your own reports.

Baserow grid with columns and rows

All-in-one visual management solution

Pingview powered by Baserow is an all-in-one daily digital visual management solution. Track actions in a variety of views including kanban boards for increased visibility. Assign an action or follow-up task to resolve a flagged item, set due dates and priority levels, and assign them to the relevant team members. Stay informed with notifications when a change has been made, and review actions and overviews right from the wallboard.

enter image description here

Dynamic digital wallboards

Communicate and manage key information from various data sources into one beautiful, dynamic, and interactive interface. Don’t waste time with poor communication practices and lost messages. Get critical communications in front of your teams immediately with a range of boards, indicators, and alerts. Better communication helps motivate your team and drive operational excellence.

Digital wallboards for Gemba, SIM & SQCD

Gemba, SIM, SQCD & more

The flexibility and agility of the Pingview / Baserow solution let you customize and visualize your data, making it easy for frontline workers to conduct a Gemba Walk, flag issues, and drive continuous improvement. Displays can include live KPI wallboards, Andon systems for shop floor alerts, activity monitoring, QHSE indicators, Short Interval Management (SIM), Gemba boards, and SQCD boards, to name just a few.

Collaborate in real-time

Powered with a no-code database, Pingview wallboards are a great option for collaborating with your team in real-time and keeping teams on track. It’s easy to set up data connections, track changes, and collaborate in real-time for better cooperation and productivity. An open data culture promotes the exchange of and collaboration of data across teams and departments.

Easy to integrate

Pingview boards powered by Baserow make it easy to integrate your existing software solutions. Connect to multiple data sources such as Google Sheets, Excel, and Microsoft. And synchronize your existing work software such as Slack and more. Backed by Baserow’s API-first platform, the solution integrates seamlessly with any tool needed.

Adapted to your needs

Pingview boards can be implemented quickly and adapted to your needs. You can present your information just how you want it, with text, video, tables, graphics, and images. Everything can be configured by the business process owners, without the need for IT resources You’ll also get assistance with the initial wallboard and data configuration, connectivity, and implementation on your sites.

Full web access

You can access your Pingview / Baserow account from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. There’s no need to install it on many workstations, all you need is your log in to connect. This means you can edit your wallboard from a web browser on your phone, tablet, or monitor, depending on your confidentiality policy.

Managing screens

Easily broadcast the wallboard on a screen. If you have many screens, you can manage them all from a single workstation via the Pingberry module. Add as many screens as there are teams involved, from top management to specific local teams, each with its own data and support. Pingview can provide the hardware or you can use your existing screens.

Touch-screens for dynamic meetings

Make your meetings more engaging, collaborative, and interactive with Pingview and touch screens. Navigate the various screens, getting more detail by clicking or touching down while having an overview of all themes. Meetings are more effective when they are based on clear and well-understood visual support. With digital visual management boards, you are entirely in control of designing screens adapted to your context.

No-code, open-source database

Baserow’s no-code database is designed for scale, to remain fast and stable at vast volumes of data. Users can enjoy unlimited rows and storage, and receive the latest updates automatically. With one solution, you alleviate the burden and cost of having multiple software providers. And because it’s an open-source platform, you can choose your hosting provider or host it yourself. Pingflow offers a fully hosted solution.

Operational excellence in Industry 4.0

No-code solutions such as Pingview and Baserow can help you achieve operational excellence by facilitating better decision-making, processes, and productivity. Many big brands including Toyota, Tiag Industries, Hermes, Groupe Atlantic, Araymon, and more are using this digital visual management system to reach their milestones of Industry 4.0.

Cathy Tondu, Digital Product Manager, ARaymond

“The solution with Pingview and Table is clearly a digitalization accelerator to quickly respond to various needs of industrial sites. With existing solutions such as Excel, we would not have been able to respond so quickly to requests from entities that were urgent.

The strong points:

  • The speed of implementation of needs
  • Data structuring (freezing the data, with the same format and the right categories) for easier aggregation and exploitation, especially with international teams
  • Rapid user adoption without the need for training or technical skills.”

François Huyge, Head of Production at Groupe Atlantic

“The advantage of the Pingview/Baserow solution is that it is very accessible, without the need to know anything about IT or databases. It is intuitive, modular, and very quick to implement. We are able to easily recreate a table, forms, etc, especially with the ability to create as many forms as you want.

For users (operators/field team on the site), the QR code from the wallboard is very practical for displaying a form and facilitating data entry, especially for Gemba walks. We now have other use cases in mind.”

Main benefits of no-code digital visual management

  • Cost-effective: Focus more on delivering business value and focus less on writing code or spending money on outside assistance.
  • Increased productivity: Save time on manual data capture. Staff can capture accurate data quickly and easily, saving hours of time inputting it manually.
  • Frontline workers’ motivation: Shifting to a real-time, digital, and visual data display motivates frontline workers and keeps them engaged in daily operations.
  • Performance improvement: With up-to-date, centralized, and shared information, decisions are made without grey areas.
  • Better communication: No more gaps in communication. No-code screens have put an end to the endless exchanges of unnecessary information.
  • Security & Safety: Better updates of information and reporting of incidents. Compliance with data governance and security policies.
  • Reputation: Digitalization creates a better customer perception and a stronger image of the manufacturing company.
  • Attract good candidates: In a challenging labor market, job candidates are looking for a modern working environment.
  • Digital transformation to Industry 4.0: Using the Pingview / Baserow solution puts you on the path to adopting new smart technologies for a digital future.

Frontline workers using daily digital visual management boards

Get started with no-code digital management

As Industry 4.0 unfolds, our factories will get more efficient, more productive, and less wasteful. There’s no better time than now for companies to use and synthesize their flow of data to drive their daily visual management in clear, accessible, and useful forms for everyone, using the Pingview / Baserow solution.

Whether decision-makers, managers, or frontline workers, data-driven digital lean management allows for informed decisions based on immediate, real-time information while integrating with all aspects of the daily business processes and workflows.

The adoption of no-code technologies like Pingflow and Baserow enables manufacturers, and many other organizations, to improve their business operations in months instead of years. The software also makes it possible to achieve other Industry 4.0 targets such as zero-paper shop floor operations and time savings for teams.

With digital visual management, you can boost operational excellence and continuous

improvement by digitizing performance management and encouraging team collaboration. Powered by no-code databases, your transition to Industry 4.0 can be achieved in just a few months instead of years.

More about Pingflow and Baserow

Get in touch with Pingflow to get started with your digital wallboards today, or contact Baserow to find out more about how no-code databases can benefit your organization.

More about Pingflow

Rocking your wallboards, Pingflow provides daily visual management solutions to drive collective performance, monitor team activity and achieve operational excellence for Industry 4.0. Pingview is the digital wallboard from Pingflow, displaying dynamic real-time data, intended for display on large screens throughout the workplace.

Contact Pingflow

More about Baserow

Baserow is an open-source, no-code database platform. Its new self-hosted Enterprise version is designed to help large teams centralize company data, collaborate effectively and quickly build applications and automated workflows to digitize daily business processes, all without the need for coding skills.

Contact Baserow

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