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February 2021 release of Baserow

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Working toward the 1.0 release of Baserow was mainly related to small changes and bug fixes which resulted in a stable new release of Baserow. By providing us with your feature requests, we have been able to create a roadmap for 2021 based on popularity. Thank you for filling out the survey.

Improved self hosting

To improve the self hosting experience we have created a Baserow Cloudron app which makes it easy to install Baserow on your Cloudron server. If you are not already familiar with them, I recommend checking out their amazing tool. The Baserow app has not yet been included in their App Store but you can follow these instructions to try out Baserow on Cloudron.

After the real time collaboration release of last month, the infrastructure dependencies are not going to change that much compared to the releases before. That means that we can finally focus on improving the self hosting experience. We want to support more platforms like Cloudron, for example the Digital Ocean marketplace, Heroku one-click to deploy, YunoHost and other platforms that make it easy to self host.

Redesigned left sidebar

In some cases, the original sidebar was not always that useful. Specifically, the switching between groups and the big blue sidebar were not ideal. We have designed and implemented a cleaner and calmer sidebar that allows for additional menu items and improved switching between groups.

Screenshot of the new sidebar.

New roadmap for 2021

Many have filled out the typeform survey related to the new features. That is much appreciated! Based on the data everyone provided, we have created new roadmap that can be viewed on the homepage. We were surprised to learn that searching in a table is was requested the most by far. This feature is relatively easy to implement, but we were unaware of its popularity. Below you will find a small table with the survey results. The percentages don’t sum to 100% because everyone was allowed to choose three features.

Score Name Expected release
43.2.8% Searching in table March
39.8% Exporting to CSV, Excel, XML and JSON May
31.8% Importing Excel, XML and JSON May
29.5% Undo and redo August
20.5% Public view sharing November
17% Kanban view September
13.6% Admin dashboard to manage all users and groups April
9.1% Templates March
8.0% Trash June
6.8% Snapshots Unknown
6.8% Zapier integration October
5.7% Gallery view September
5.7% Row comments July
3.4% Survey view Unknown

All changes

All the changes of version 1.0 listed.

  • Redesigned the left sidebar.
  • Fixed error if a very long file name is provided when uploading a new file.
  • Added single select field from validation.
  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to stay logged in when visiting Baserow via link.
  • Created a Baserow Cloudron app.
  • Fixed bug where a single select field without options could not be converted to another field.
  • Fixed bug where the datepicker was using the wrong timezone.
  • Made it possible to configure SMTP settings via environment variables.
  • Added field names to the REST API docs.
  • Made it possible to the admin to disable new signups.
  • Respect the date format when converting to a date field.
  • Added a filename contains filter.
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