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How to Use No-code productivity tools in Everyday life

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No-code and productivity tools are thriving today. Especially, on a corporate level. Creating apps with little to no coding, publishing a website after 30 mins of dragging and dropping, and sending emails automatically to thousands of recipients — all of this on a professional level. How about my daily life, you ask? Well …

Now, let’s say you believe that everything needs to go according to plan — especially such big things as bills, work-life, and goals for the future. To make sure everyday brings you closer to your dreams, you use apps — productivity ones, and no-code ones. Let’s take a look at how your day might look like if you decided to use no-code tools to get more organized.

7:00 - Wake up, sleepyhead!

Your routine always starts with a cup of black coffee (no sugar!). Spend 10 minutes planning out the goals for today, wrapping up yesterday’s tasks, and noting how close you are to fulfilling your master plan of conquering the world.

For this, you use Cloverapp, a digital notebook that blends notes, tasks, whiteboards, and a daily planner.

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8:00 - Off to work

Let’s say you have a long commute and don’t like to waste your time. So, you find something to read. You take books from the reading list that you created using Notion. You efficiently record your progress, ratings, and opinions. By doing so, you can always review the list to assess how you feel about a particular piece of writing.

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9.00 - The Office

Once you’ve arrived at the office, you are primarily focused on creative tasks because small and repetitive tasks have been automated and taken care of by a list of apps.

You send emails through Mailchimp — a no-code marketing platform for businesses. MailChimp originally started with email marketing only, but expanded to a complete social media, advertisement, and landing page management tool. You don’t have to think about creating templates or organizing social media campaigns since all these features are already available within the app. Again, no coding is needed to create a beautiful email.

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Luckily, you are also hooked to a platform called Zapier. Zapier is an automation platform that connects 4,000+ apps and makes it possible to create trigger-based action plans: this way it’s easy to streamline the whole workflow.

You create zaps to notify you and your teammates about new leads on Slack as well as keep the leads warm by sending out an initial letter automatically. Those leads are also added to the newsletter list. This saves you a ton of time as you don’t need to add them manually.

Oh, look. You forgot to create some new forms — no problem. It only takes a few minutes with platforms like Typeform.

By the end of the day, you manage to finish that complicated content plan, because all other tasks are already taken care of.

16:00 - Shopping time

After treating yourself to a delicious dinner, you sit down and get to budgeting. How much did you spend and make that day? For keeping track of all expenses, you use the You Need Budget App. Big dreams need big investments — it’s better to keep track of every penny.

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17:00 - Freelance time

The main job is done, now it’s time to make some extra cash through freelancing. In your free time, you like to create websites for small startups. For that, you have two apps — one for assembling the website — called Webflow, and one for backing it up — Baserow.

In order to make the website more usable, you integrate Webflow and Baserow through API. Now, depending on the nature of the startup, you link different triggers to easily set up lead generation, analytics, and whatnot.

For example, you can connect this trigger and get a new lead added to the Baserow database as soon as they appear.

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Or, these few triggers will allow you to make changes to the E-commerce assortment database and they will instantly be applied on the website (change the order of the items, delete items, update the list respectively).

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Creating a website is no easy job — sometimes lots of tasks are involved, and lots of people are engaged. Pretty easy to get your head dizzy, and memory stretched beyond possible. So, in such instances, you can also use Baserow for project management and task tracking.

The goal of a project management template is to provide a structure to your project so that you can get more done (and finish the project) in less time.

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With no-code platforms like Baserow, you can easily work on elaborate databases and make use of a list of unique and life-altering (literally, life gets a lot easier) functionalities, such as:

  • Databases with high volumes of data,
  • Advanced filters,
  • API first,
  • A variety of import and export formats,
  • Airtable import,
  • Form view, kanban view, gallery view,
  • Public view sharing,
  • Permission-based API tokens,
  • Advanced and user-friendly formulas,

…and the list goes on — with new features added as you read this.

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21:00 - Time for a snack

Kitche, another app you like, is all about tracking the food in your kitchen to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. So, after taking some snacks, you meticulously put in what is missing, and what you need to buy up.

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22:00 - Relax & Bedtime

Right before bed, you like to read some articles that you saved in Pocket. Pocket integrates into the browser and works alongside a mobile app. During the day, whenever you found a new article you wouldn’t want to miss, you saved it for later. Now, you can read until sleep takes you into the world of dreams.

Whew, that was a ride. But you get the idea. Today, we live in the day and age when you can use a variety of no-code and productivity apps to make your life less hectic. And it doesn’t matter if you entirely match with the person we described in the article — who needs a billion apps for a billion purposes. Maybe you simply want to create a website for the cooking courses you’re launching?

No code tools are taking over for a reason — they are simple to use and can be efficient both in your business, and personal life.

If you do not want to scatter your life across multiple apps, but still need some order in your life — try Baserow. The variety of ready-to-use templates will allow you to do everything mentioned before and more.

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