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January 2021 release of Baserow

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A tool like Baserow becomes very useful when you have to ability to collaborate in real time with your co-workers, friends, fellow students or anyone you want to. We’ve received this feature request a lot. January was in light of making this long anticipated function a reality. Of course there have also been several bug fixes and Keith has contributed a feature to hide fields within a view.

Invite other to your group

We have added a button named members to your dashboard and to the context menu of a group. Clicking on it opens a modal where you can manage who has access to your group. It is also possible to invite others directly via email. This can be existing or non-existing Baserow users. They will receive an invitation which they can accept by clicking on the button. After that they have to sign in or register a new account depending on if an account related to the email address already exists. It is also possible to accept or reject the invitation in the dashboard.

An simple group access permissions system has also been implemented that allows you to choose if the invited user has Admin or Member rights. The main difference is that admins have the ability to update, delete and manage the members of a group and a member can only work with the applications of a group.

Screenshot inviting user to group

Collaborate in real time

When two users have access to the same group, they can work on the same data simultaneously. Real time changes are broad casted to everyone who is working on the same thing. If you for example add a new field, or delete a row, your co-worker will see what is happening in real time. This prevents overwriting each other changes and data inconsistency.

All changes

All the changes of version 0.8 listed.

  • Made it possible to invite others to collaborate on your group.
  • Implemented real time collaboration.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to convert to a single select field without any options.
  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to create a relation to a table that a single select primary field.
  • Made it possible to hide fields within a view (by Keith).
  • Store API token usage details in the database.
  • Fixed bug where an incompatible row value was visible and used while changing the field type.
  • Fixed bug where the values in an enlarged row modal were not reactive and wouldn’t be updated when the grid view was refreshed.
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