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March 2021 release of Baserow

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This release brings long anticipated functionality. It contains the reordering of fields, searching in tables, templates, a phone number field and lots of other changes of course. Apart from new features and bug fixes, we have also made a huge interface speed improvement. If you work with lots of rows and fields in the grid view, you may have noticed that the interface might feel slow sometimes. The performance has now been improved significantly and we have seen an increase of interface speed up to 20x in some cases! Finally for this release we have had the most opensource contributions so far, thanks to everyone who has helped out!

Searching tables

Based off your feedback in the feature survey last month we have added table searching. Simply click the new search icon in the top right of a table to get started:

Searching in grid view

Your table will be filtered as you search and matching cells will be highlighted in blue. To disable the search filtering and only highlight matching cells you can toggle the “hide not matching rows” switch. Unlike filters your search queries are not saved and will reset when you navigate away. Finally all field types other than “Link to table” and “Boolean” fields are searchable.


Are you feeling a little bit lost when starting from scratch with your database? From now on, it’s possible to find some inspiration by using a template as a starting point in Baserow. Simply click on the “create new” link in the left sidebar and select the “from template” button. This will open the templates modal. Here you can view all the templates and install them by clicking on the “Use this template” button. We don’t have that many templates yet, but more will soon follow. Learn how to create your own template and add it to Baserow by following this create a template tutorial.

Screenshot Baserow templates

All changes

All the changes of version 1.1 listed.

  • Search in grid view.
  • Installing templates.
  • Reordering of fields in a grid view by drag and drop.
  • Improved handling of web socket errors.
  • Improved grid view performance when working with lots of rows and fields.
  • Added the number of active filters and sorts in the header.
  • The first signup is now automatically a superuser in the self hosted version.
  • Fixed an SSRF bug when uploading files via URL (Reported by: Shoeb “CaptainFreak” Patel, Twitter:
  • Phone number field type.
  • Added a contains filter for the date, number and single select fields.
  • Added support for importing XML files (Contributed by: Mi We).
  • Added support for different character encodings when importing CSV files (Contributed by: Jannis Gebauer).
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Release 1.20

Baserow version 1.20 comes with email notifications, workspace level audit log, search for calendar view, new shortcuts, context menu improvements, and more.

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