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May 2022 release of Baserow

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What’s new in Baserow 1.10?

The day is here — Baserow 1.10 is now live! We are delighted to wrap up another couple of months of fruitful work. Today we released multiple cell paste, batch API endpoints, undo-redo, the coloring of rows and Zapier integration, along with other updates and small bug fixes.

What’s new and improved in Baserow:

Multiple cell paste

Previously in Baserow you could only copy multiple cells, but now you can paste multiple cells too! Under the hood this uses our new batch row API endpoints. Hit the Cmd/Ctrl + V command and voila, data is inserted in seconds!

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Undo redo functionality

The long-awaited undo-redo is out! Use these shortcuts to alter the recent edits: Cmd/Ctrl + Z for Undo, Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Z for Redo. Alternatively you can click the new undo/redo buttons in the bottom left corner.

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Row coloring

Row coloring is a Premium feature to color records and make them stand out. You can color a row to have the same color as a single select field or automatically color records using conditions. Colors may appear as flags on the left side of the primary field or as a background color — you can use either one or both.

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Zapier integration

From now on you can easily connect Baserow with your other applications using Zapier. The following actions are available: create row, update row, delete row, get single row and search rows. Get started with Baserow workflows on Zapier here:


Today we want to thank Scott Fortmann-Roe for contributing Fix to percentage aggregation for boolean fields. We’re always happy to see the community involvement, your enthusiasm is highly appreciated 💙

Largest update to templates to date

This is the biggest template update, it contains 80+ changes across the board. There are new fields, new views, new tables, and new structures in the existing templates, and we also added some new templates.

New templates:

  • Brand Assets Manager
  • Business Conference
  • Car Hunt
  • Company Blog Management
  • Event Staffing
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Nonprofit Grant Tracker
  • Performance Reviews
  • Product Roadmap
  • Public Library Inventory
  • Remote Team Hub
  • Product Roadmap
  • Hotel Bookings

Baserow is now available in Spanish and Italian

We can’t wait to see the growth of the local Baserow communities, and in order to support this, we’re thrilled to make our product feel native to more and more people. This time for Spanish and Italians in particular as Baserow is now available in these two languages.

To set up your language: go to Settings → Interface Language.

Made with Baserow: discover community projects

We created a spot where everyone is welcome to show off what they are building with Baserow. Feel free to openly promote your projects and get initial feedback, as well as educate and inspire others:

All changes including the bug fixes!

  • Added batch create/update/delete rows endpoints.
  • Fixed translations in emails sent by Baserow.
  • Fixed invalid first_name validation in the account form modal.
  • Shared public forms now don’t allow creating new options for single and multiple select fields.
  • Fixed bug where the arrow keys of a selected cell didn’t work when they were not rendered.
  • Added select new view immediately after creation.
  • Added group context menu to sidebar.
  • Fixed Airtable import bug where the import would fail if a row is empty.
  • Fixed occasional UnpicklingError error when getting a value from the model cache.
  • Fixed a problem where a form view with link row fields sends duplicate lookup requests.
  • Pinned backend python dependencies using pip-tools.
  • Fixed the reactivity of the row values of newly created fields in some cases.
  • Made it possible to impersonate another user as premium admin.
  • Added is days ago filter to date field.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to delete created on/modified by fields on the web frontend.
  • Allowed the setting of max request page size via environment variable.
  • Added select option suggestions when converting to a select field.
  • Introduced read only lookup of foreign row by clicking on a link row relationship in the grid view row modal.
  • Boolean field converts the word checked to True value.
  • Fixed a bug where the backend would fail hard updating token permissions for deleted tables.
  • Fixed the unchecked percent aggregation calculation.
  • Raised Airtable import task error and fixed a couple of minor import bugs.
  • Added loading bar when syncing templates to make it obvious Baserow is still loading.
  • Fixed bug where old values are missing in the update trigger of the webhook.
  • Scroll to the first error message if the form submission fail.
  • Improved backup_baserow spltting multiselect through tables in separate batches.
  • Fixed a bug that truncated characters for email in the sidebar.
  • The API endpoint /api/database/formula/<field_id>/type/ now requires table_id instead of field_id, and also name in the request body.
  • Added support in for KDE’s Konsole terminal emulator.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cancel multi-cell selection.
  • Upgraded node runtime to v16.14.0.
  • Cached aggregation values to improve performances.
  • Added new endpoint to get all configured aggregations for a grid view.
  • Fixed DONT_UPDATE_FORMULAS_AFTER_MIGRATION env var not working correctly.
  • Stopped the generated model cache clear operation also deleting all other redis keys.
  • Fixed bug where the link row field link_row_relation_id could fail when two simultaneous requests are made.
  • Added password protection for publicly shared grids and forms.
  • Made views trashable.
  • Fixed bug where a cell value was not reverted when the request to the backend fails.
  • Fixed row coloring bug when the table doesn’t have any single select field.
  • Dropdown can now be focused with tab key.
  • Added and as ALLOWED_HOSTS for connecting to the Baserow backend.
  • Added a new BASEROW_EXTRA_ALLOWED_HOSTS optional comma separated environment variable for configuring ALLOWED_HOSTS.
  • Fixed a bug for some number filters that causes all rows to be returned when text is entered.
  • Fixed webhook test call failing when request body is empty.
  • Fixed a bug where making a multiple cell selection starting from an empty link_row or formula field was not possible in Firefox.

What’s next?

We are starting to work on some other big features: additional importing, snapshots, form conditions, and duplication. As always we will continue working on features suggested by the community and fixing bugs. Do you have questions regarding the new updates? Or anything else? Leave your questions in our official community forum — we’re always happy to answer them!

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