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What is Baserow? A quick overview for new users and database creators

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Are you new to the project and want to know more about it? Worry no more! In order to make sure your introduction to Baserow goes smoothly, we have collected all the relevant pieces of information you might need to know in this blog post. Keep on reading if you’re wondering what Baserow is exactly.

What is Baserow?

Baserow is a collaborative open source no-code tool.

Our job is to help you connect all your data across your teams and workflows to keep everything in sync and get the job done with a greater speed and security. The platform enables non-technical teams to digitize workflows, automate processes and improve business efficiencies.

Baserow organizes all your data into tables that are easy to create, collaborate on and look through. When there’s one database for all workflows running in your company, everyone knows exactly where to look for what.

Our grounds

Over the last years, since the pandemic started, the low-code and no-code industries have grown significantly. Mostly, due to the fact that these solutions helped tackle the issues that were raging at the moment when no physical interaction was possible — the need to digitize workflows, automate processes and improve business efficiencies. Before, such innovations would require engineers with high coding proficiencies. Today, no-code tools, including Baserow, allow any user to create workable applications collaboratively, quickly, and efficiently.

Our goal

Our vision is to empower everyone to build applications faster, easier and cheaper.

Our mission is to build the most scalable, flexible and user friendly open source no-code toolchain in the world.

Our product

Baserow is a no-code database built for marketers, engineers, and everyone who needs a database that’s as easy as a spreadsheet.

Databases and tables

Start from scratch, import an existing file or use one of our templates.

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Rich field types

Use one of the many available rich field types like single-line text, long text, number, rating, boolean, date, URL, single, and multiple select.

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Drag and drop your files to the tables, and make fast calculations with the Formula field type.

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Create relationships between tables by linking them together.

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Collaboration features

Invite others via email and collaborate in real-time.

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Working with collaborators? Comment within the row if you need to leave a note or ask a question.

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Easily share your data by creating a public link.

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View types

Visualize and customize your data using Gallery and Kanban views.

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Build your own public form, share it with the world and immediately see your database update in real-time.

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Row coloring

Color records and make them stand out: colors may appear as flags on the left side of the primary field or as a background color — you can use either one or both.

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Сonnect Baserow with other software, we are API-first which means it can be integrated with every tool you need to build apps, automate processes and drive productivity.

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Receive real-time notifications about all changes that are made in your database by setting webhooks. You can even trigger a test to make sure everything works before saving it.

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High data throughput

Work with 100.000+ rows per table without any problems. Baserow’s architecture is built for scaling, speed, and stability, working with huge volumes of data.

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Our technology

The development of a unique, efficient, and interoperable database is another way to achieve our goal of driving adoption towards the first open-source no-code toolchain.

We believe that our open development model helps us create more stable and secure technology. We operate transparently and enable our users to build, expand and customize Baserow to their own requirements. This is our way of incentivizing innovation: the community contributes to feature development.

Our developers work with the notion of clean code. Our focus is on delivering the best quality product to the market. We have a clear architecture, and well-written documentation, and we separate all coding processes to make it easy to extend the platform as we grow.

Baserow is built with modern and proven frameworks like Django and Nuxt.

Use cases

Data management

Organize and maintain data for all your projects. Visualize your data in various views, make relationships between tables, and include formulas for greater productivity.

Backend database for (mobile) apps

Create, retrieve, update, and delete your data in Baserow via the API. Set up webhooks to track all changes and receive real-time notifications.

Automation and integrations with other tools

Baserow is API first: use our API docs and webhooks to virtually connect with any other software and automate your workflows.

Collaboration on data

Invite users via email and collaborate in real-time. Changes in data are immediately visible.

Website, to try out Baserow and check important information about the company.

Community forum, to leave feature requests or ask for help.

Developer documentation, to check the development environment behind Baserow.

Social media outlets, to start following us: Twitter and LinkedIn.

Feel free to connect with us, ask questions or make suggestions. We’re an open-source company which means any contribution is always welcome!

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