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1.12 release of Baserow

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We are delighted to announce that today we are rolling out Baserow 1.12, meaning it’s time we evaluate all the work that has been done in the past month. Form survey mode, multiple collaborators field type, file field support in the form view, and the possibility to add new rows directly from the row select modal — keep on reading if you’re curious about everything new at Baserow.

What’s new and improved in Baserow:

Form survey mode

In the Baserow forms, you can now choose to show all questions at once, using a traditional mode, or one question at a time with the newly released survey mode. You can switch between modes and work with the one that gets more and better results for you.

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Multiple collaborators field type

Meet a new field type — multiple collaborators. Assign collaborators by selecting names from a list of users who are invited to your group. Now, working with friends or colleagues is even easier in Baserow.

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Duplicate fields with data

While duplicating a field, you can now choose either to duplicate it with or without data. To duplicate a field, you need to click on the arrow next to the field name, select the duplicate field option from the dropdown and put a checker mark if you want it to be duplicated together with data. That’s easy!

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Create a new row directly from the row select modal

From now on, you can create a new row directly from the row select modal. All you need is to click the ‘+’ button while choosing a relationship in the link to table field — that’s it. Your convenience is our priority!

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Add files to the form view

We enabled the file field type in the form view, so now it is possible to attach one or more files while filling out the form.

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Community updates

Let’s take a few minutes to thank all our community contributors.

Code contributions

Abdalla Mahmoud, thank you for fixing the issue with the Airtable importing and for fixing a bug when clearing cell values multi-selected from right to left. We are also grateful to Marc Seitz for fixing the documentation on how to run the dev environment of Baserow, and for making a video review on how to contribute to Baserow with a code. Josh Soref did a bunch of spelling fixes and we are incredibly thankful for his hard work on this.

Community-led events

We also had our first community-led event, and we were amazed by this activity organized by Luiz Eduardo Oliveira Fonseca. Luiz Eduardo, thank you for taking the time to do this and thank you for educating others on how to use Baserow. Everyone interested can check the meeting recordings here!


And we want to acknowledge how much work Vamos automatizar has done. Vamos recorded 3 video guides — how to post to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages using Graph API with n8n and Baserow.

Gerold Penz created a video tutorial on how to instal Baserow with Docker Compose and Portainer. Marius Bogdan prepared the guide on how to Install Baserow on a Synology NAS. And Programador Ninja did a video showing how to integrate Baserow and Python databases. Thank you guys, we are blown away by all these contributions.

Forum involvement

Last month we also noticed a high involvement from some of our members in the community channels. joffcom thanks for your activity and helping others. rvor6, Mahmoud Habib, Higo Mi, Luc, shaping-horizons, osseonews, CfortheCs — thank you all for creating topics and running numerous discussions about Baserow.

We’re always happy to see the community involvement, all the enthusiasm is highly appreciated 💙


Past events

On August 11th, we did the first AMA — Ask Me Anything event — with Bram Wiepjes and Olivier Maes, where the Baserow co-founders were answering all the Baserow-related questions in real-time. In case you missed the event, make sure to check the recap article.

Occurring events

This month our co-founder Bram Wiepjes was invited to do another AMA in cooperation with Indie Hackers. Bram was answering all questions related to open source and what is the Baserow experience growing as an open-source project. Check the session here, and you can still ask your questions!

We decided to try out a new initiative — Brainstorm Hours. We ask our community to participate in the brainstorming session and share some thoughts on how we should build the Role Based Access Control feature at Baserow! With this event, we want to have direct collaboration between our community and the team. Make sure to take your part and participate here.

Future events

On the 14th of September, we will conduct a joint demo with ToolJet, an open-source low-code platform to build internal tools. In the live stream, we plan to build a customer relationship management (CRM) application using both tools — ToolJet and Baserow. Save the date!


We have a new official integration: Nuclino. You can now easily embed Baserow databases in Nuclino! To embed a database from Baserow in Nuclino, copy the shared link and paste it into the editor of any Nuclino item. This app is enabled by default for everyone and does not require configuration. Details are here.

All changes including the bug fixes!

  • Added Multiple Collaborators field type.
  • Added missing success printouts to count_rows and calculate_storage_usage commands.
  • Added isort settings to sort python imports.
  • Introduced a premium form survey mode.
  • Allowed creating new rows when selecting a related row.
  • Added row url parameter to gallery and kanban view.
  • Enabled file field in form views.
  • Only allow relative urls in the in the original query parameter.
  • Force browser language when viewing a public view.
  • Search automatically after 400ms when chosing a related field via the modal.
  • Added cancel button to field update context.
  • Sort fields on row select modal by the order of the first view in the related table.
  • New signals user_updated, user_deleted, user_restored, user_permanently_deleted were added to track user changes.
  • list_groups endpoint now also returns the list of all group users for each group.
  • Fields can now be duplicated with their cell values also.
  • Added a title to applications and tables in the left sidebar to show the full name.
  • Allowed not creating a reversed relationship with the link row field.
  • Resolved circular dependency in FieldWithFiltersAndSortsSerializer.
  • Fixed various misspellings.
  • Fixed a bug when importing Airtable base with a date field less than 1000.
  • Prefetch field options on views that are iterated over on field update realtime events.
  • Clearing cell values multi-selected from right to left with backspace shifts selection to the right and results in wrong deletion.
  • Fixed a bug that prevent to use arrows keys in the grid view when a formula field is selected.
  • Fixed a bug that make the grid view crash when searching text and a formula field is referencing a singe-select field.
  • Fixed horizontal scroll on Mac OSX.
  • Fixed bug where the row coloring didn’t work in combination with group level premium.
  • Fixed bug where the link row field lookup didn’t work in combination with password protected views.
  • “Link to table” field does not allow submitting empty values.
  • Fixed bug where the “Create option” button was not visible for the single and multiple select fields in the row edit modal.
  • Resolve an issue with uploading a file via a URL when it contains a querystring.
  • Resolve an invalid URL in the “Backend URL mis-configuration detected” error message.
  • Fixed broken call grouping when getting linked row names from server.
  • Add new filter types ‘is after today’ and ‘is before today’.
  • Fixed view and fields getting out of date on realtime updates.
  • Make it possible to copy/paste/import from/to text values for multi-select and file fields.
  • Users can copy/paste images into a file field.
  • Fixed error when sharing a view publicly with sorts more than one multi-select field.
  • Fixed crash in gallery view with searching.

What’s next?

Soon we’ll release 1.12.1 with more templates, link and button formula functions, rich preview of additional import, public Kanban view sharing, and formula fixes.

In Baserow 1.13 we will add role-based access control, SSO, audit log and signup rules, and more. As always we will continue working on features suggested by the community and fixing bugs.

Do you have questions regarding the new updates? Or anything else? Leave your questions in our official community forum — we’re always happy to answer them!

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