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December release of Baserow

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Because had less time available compared to the previous months, we have decided to work on quite some smaller issues instead of focussing on one or two larges ones. This allowed us to pickup smaller issues that were already on the issue backlog for too long.

Single select field

The single select field is one of the larger features that we have created in December. When creating this field type, you can define a fixed set of options that can be chosen as value. You can also choose a color for visual identification.

Screenshot of a single select field in a grid view in Baserow
Screenshot of a single select field with select options in Baserow

All changes

All the changes of Baserow version 0.7.0 listed.

  • Increased the number size that be used within a number field (by Keith).
  • Fixed bug where the row state is never matching if the filter type was set to OR in combination with only one filter.
  • Fixed the keyboard navigation of the dropdown items when a search query was provided.
  • Added filtering by GET parameter support to the rows listing endpoint.
  • Fixed drifting context menu when you scroll or resize the window.
  • Create and update timestamps are now stored when the groups, applications, tables, views, fields and rows are created or modified.
  • It's now possible to change a file name.
  • Added the possibility to insert a new row above or below an existing row.
  • Made it possible to include or exclude specific fields when listing rows via the API.
  • Implemented the single select field.
January 7, 2021 by Bram Wiepjes
December release of Baserow

Because we had less time available in this month we have focussed on lots of smaller issues. Among them are the single select field and inserting rows above and below a row.

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