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June 2021 release of Baserow

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The release of version 1.4 is a big one! It’s now possible to create a form based on the fields that you have in your table. Expose your form publicly with one click. Have you ever deleted something, only to figure out that you deleted the wrong thing? This is history with the trash functionality because you can easily restore deleted rows, fields, databases, tables and groups. A lot of developers have asked for user field names in the public REST API. It’s now possible to optionally use the field names instead of the field ID when listing, creating and updating table rows.

Form View

The form view allows you to create a form based on the fields in your table. Choose which fields you want to include and optionally change the name, description and if it’s a required value. Drag and drop the fields in your desired order and choose what happens when the form is submitted. You can redirect to a website or show a custom message. It’s also possible to brand your form by uploading a cover image or logo.

In the top header, you can click on share form to expose your form publicly on the internet. Baserow will generate a unique URL that is impossible to guess. Only visitors who know the exact URL can access the form and fill it out. You can safely share it with everyone you want. If a visitor fills out the form, a new row is automatically created in your table.

Form view

Trash functionality

Deleting something now sends it to the new trash bin instead of immediately deleting it permanently. Items can be restored from the trash which undoes the delete, or the trash can be emptied per Baserow group or application. Three days after something has been trashed it will be permanently deleted and in the self-hosted version of Baserow this trash retention period can be configured.

Screenshot trash functionality

API user field names

Using the API has been made easier with the addition of the highly requested user_field_names GET parameter flag. Providing this flag switches the API to use field names instead of the field ID when listing, creating and updating table rows. Check out your database’s updated API docs for more details.

Screenshot user field names

All changes

All the changes of version 1.4 listed.

  • Form view
  • Trash functionality
  • Optionally use user field names in the API
  • List fields via the public rest API (Contributed by: jrmi)
  • Support for Docker 19.03+
  • Drag and drop ordering of the single select field options
  • Improved email validation in the email field
  • Disabled duplicate field names in a table
  • Before and after date filters
  • New templates:
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