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November release of Baserow

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When we held the survey a few months back, it was possible to choose a field to upload your images, documents and other files. This new file field type had a very high score because lots of people need this feature. This months update brings several small changes, bug fixes and the anticipated file field. This new field type allows you to upload all your files into the desired cell.

File field

As of today if is possible to create a new file field in your table. You can upload files by dragging and dropping them into a file field cell. It is also possible to open the file upload modal where you can choose the files that you wish to upload, or provide a URL where your file is located. Thumbnails will be generated for the uploaded images and other files will have a recognizable icon. If you click on a file it will be enlarged to a full screen view. All files can of course also be downloaded back to your computer.

Screenshot of the file field in the grid view in Baserow
Screenshot of uploading new files in Baserow
Screenshot of an enlarged image file in Baserow
Screenshot of the row modal with the file field in Baserow

Link to table as primary field bug

The primary field value is used to identify your row. This is why always at least one field, the primary field, must exist in a table. Therefore it is not possible to delete that field. If you have tried out the link to table field, you might have noticed that it creates a related field in the related table. If one of these fields is deleted, the other is also automatically deleted. If you changed the primary field to a link to table field and you delete the related field, then the primary field is deleted and this causes some technical problems. It is now impossible to change the primary field to a link to table field. If you had already done this then we have automatically created a new primary field for you.

Disable filter switch

If you have created some filters in your view, but you quickly want to see all data unfiltered then you have to delete all your filters and add them later. Keith has contributed a toggle that allows you to temporarily disable the filters.

All changes

All the changes of Baserow version 0.6.0 listed.

  • Introduced file field type.
  • Fixed link row as primary field bug.
  • Disabled all filters switch (by Keith).
  • Fixed a scrollbar issue in the API docs.
  • Made it possible to order by a field via the rows listing endpoint.
  • Depending on the connection protocol of the web frontend the authentication token is now either secure or lax.
  • It's not needed to provide the _DOMAIN variables anymore when self hosting Baserow.

Self hosted

If you are running the self hosted version and you have used the step by step Ubuntu installation guide then you need to make the following changes to your server.

$ cd /baserow

# Pull the latest code from the git repo and create the media directory where the
# uploaded files are going to be saved.
$ git pull
$ mkdir media
$ chmod 0755 media

# Run the database migrations
$ source backend/env/bin/activate
$ export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE='baserow.config.settings.base'
$ export DATABASE_PASSWORD="yourpassword"
$ export DATABASE_HOST="localhost"
$ baserow migrate
$ deactivate

# You need to point another domain to your Baserow server in order to serve the
# uploaded files. Replace the `*YOUR_DOMAIN*` with your new domain.
$ cp docs/guides/installation/configuration-files/nginx/baserow-media.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/baserow-media.conf
$ nano /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/baserow-media.conf

# You must update your supervisor config and add the following environments variables
# to the baserow-backend.conf. Note that you must replace MEDIA_DOMAIN with your new
# media domain.
# MEDIA_ROOT='/baserow/media',
$ nano /etc/supervisor/conf.d/baserow-backend.conf

# Add an ssl certificate for the new domain and restart supervisor.
$ sudo certbot --nginx
$ supervisorctl update
$ supervisorctl restart all
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