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Open source release of Baserow

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We are very happy to announce that Baserow has been released open source publicly under the MIT license. The last few weeks we have worked on writing lots of documentation, fixing bugs, refactoring code, created the plugin boilerplate and worked on the final preparations for the release. We do want to note that the software is still in a very early alpha phase.

Baserow repository


We have decided to host our official repository at GitLab. One of the reasons for this is because of already existing in house experience with the tool. GitLab has also served us very well for past private projects. It also has services like continuous integration pipelines, a container registry, issue tracker and lots of other things already included. There is going to be a mirror repository at GitHub as well.

Developer documentation

The main reason why we have postponed the open source release a little bit is because of the missing developer documentation. This has now been finished and is included in the repository. We also have a copy on the Baserow website. It contains various topics that might be of interest to developers ranging from the backend API to plugin development.

Baserow developer docs

API documentation

The backend and the web-frontend communicate via a REST API with each other. Of course the endpoints can also be used by other parties. We have created an OpenAPI schema to make this process easier. Use one of the buttons below to view the Redoc or to download the JSON schema.

Baserow Redoc Baserow OpenAPI schema

Cookiecutter plugin boilerplate

Because of the modular architecture of Baserow it is possible to create plugins. You can create custom fields, views, applications, pages, endpoints and much more. To make this even easier we have made a Cookiecutter plugin boilerplate. It contains a basic setup for a plugin and has a Docker development environment included. You can literally start developing within a few minutes.

Plugin boilerplate docs

Some other changes

We have also worked on some other small changes listed here below.

  • Refactored the SCSS classes into BEM.
  • Changed the fields that are created when creating a new account or a new table.
  • Fixed a datepicker bug that closed when you clicked on the input.
  • Added a machine readable error to the response of the 404 errors.
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