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Making the most of the Baserow community forum

The community forum is a space for our users to connect and get more out of Baserow.

Here at Baserow, we are on a mission to build the best open source no-code toolchain. This is the era of development democratization, and we plan to lead the way.

How are we executing this mission?

By creating the most flexible, secure, user-friendly, and scalable database that integrates seamlessly into any company’s tech stack.

That is why when it comes to our users, there’s nothing we value more than building consistent and close relationships with our people through cultivating the community. To connect, exchange feedback and grow together, we created a dedicated space, the Baserow Community Forum. From first-time database builders to industry experts, everyone can find useful conversations and tips and tricks here in the forum. If you really want to benefit from the community and make a difference, join the community and start talking to us.

Join the Baserow community

Why did we create the Baserow Community Forum?


Decision-making is easier when you have a dedicated community providing feedback. You can openly share your feedback, suggestions, and thoughts about our product, the community, or anything related to Baserow; and we get to analyze your proposals, discuss them with the team, and implement the best ideas to strengthen the company.


A vision of open source is at the core of all things we do. Even with all of the work that our team puts in, we make space for our community and its untapped pool of creativity and new ideas. Every member of our community deserves to be heard, and we value any input you may have: a fraction of code, video tutorial, suggestion, feedback, or anything else. As an open source project, we thrive to co-create with our community in multiple ways.

Share ideas

We can help each other: you can help us by sharing your thoughts, and we can put those suggestions into action, thus improving Baserow for everyone. But what is more important, we also ask what your use case is and how we should build this feature so we can gain a clear understanding of your expectations. This is how the real collaboration starts. Make your voice heard by submitting your feature requests to our forum and voting for the best ones.

The community forum allows us to engage with our users by listening to their feedback and improving Baserow based on the conversations that occur around the product.

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How can you use the Baserow Community Forum?

Ask and help others

The Baserow Community Forum is a place for users to connect with others and with the Baserow team directly to research, gather information, and solve problems together. It was designed to help you get answers to questions no matter where you are on your journey, whether it’s your first day using Baserow or you’re a pro database builder.

Why is asking the community always better?

Other people may have the same doubts or concerns that you do, and by asking the community instead of asking us privately you will be able to help and be helped by other people as well as Baserow itself.

Your struggles are shared by everybody in the community: ask your questions, and these posts will later help others learn the same thing. We are all here to grow together.

Show off your Baserow story

Built something amazing with Baserow? Show it to the world. Or, see what others created. Discover the new possibilities you never knew existed. Made with Baserow is a place where the community can share their own use cases and workflows.

Share your expertise on the Baserow Community Forum

You’ve discovered something cool or got your “eureka” moment? Share it with your fellow colleagues. Remember, your insights, workarounds to the missing features, or new ways to use the tool are what inspire your fellow community members and the Baserow team to work for something greater.

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How can we make Baserow better together?

At Baserow, we believe in the power of community. It’s crucial to have a group of like-minded people to connect and discuss what matters, what is good, and what is bad about the product.

More requests = a better Baserow

The more requests, feedback pieces, and ideas we get from you, the better our product is. We are all in this together. If you think our tool is missing something — share the idea. We might just pick it up.

Higher engagement = better for the community

This one speaks for itself. The more you share your stories, the more we can improve the tool, and the more value we can bring to the whole community of builders.

Join the Baserow community forum

These last months it was incredibly exciting to watch the community grow and thrive. On that note, we want to express our gratitude to all of our community members for contributing your time and expertise.

If you’re interested in joining the Baserow Community Forum, register today and introduce yourself, then share your Baserow story!

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Dive in to get all you need to build amazing things with Baserow — learning resources, the latest updates, use cases, and more. Everyone is welcome and an account isn’t required to browse the forum. Join a growing community centered around getting more out of Baserow.

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