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Baserow in 2022: Year in Review

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2022 has been a year of fast growth, connecting with our users and community, new team members, brand new features, and a lot more.

Last Year in Numbers

Let’s start with some numbers, and also look at the impact Baserow has had in 2022.

Today, Baserow has had 26,000 sign ups, a 250% increase in 1 year. Many of our users self host Baserow, therefore the total users is likely close to 100,000. 50% of our new users are from the United States & Canada, followed by Europe and Asia.

This year, our users created 28,000 workspaces with 40,000 databases and 94,000 tables in the hosted version. Activity also continued to grow: more than 11 million rows were created with 88,000 files uploaded, taking 47 Gigabytes of storage on our SaaS offering.

That’s a lot of data! We also plan to add more features to make data management even easier in Baserow.

Last Year in Company Achievements

In 2022 we managed to accomplish a lot, let’s take a look at what we are proud of.

We raised €5m funding.

We raised a €5m seed round allowing us to continue expanding the team to build the most scalable, flexible and user-friendly open source no-code toolchain in the world.

We hired 12 new great team members.

We’ve been growing fast. From having 1 employee last December to welcoming 12 new joiners to Baserow in 2022 — we are now a team of 13 people and counting. We hired mostly developers, content writers, a community manager and some sales people.

And we’re still hiring, so check out our open vacancies.

We welcomed 1500 new users every month.

We now have over 26,000 users around the world, and that’s 250% more compared to the end of 2021. We believe we can maintain that growth in 2023.

Thanks for being with us!

We launched Baserow Enterprise.

We launched Baserow Enterprise to meet the needs of larger teams. It is backed by advanced user management to boost data protection, privacy requirements, enterprise-grade scalability and direct support.

We have seen adoption in SMB, Enterprise and Public Sector

Manufacturing, Banking, Technology, Government, e-commerce, Healthcare and Education are the sectors most represented in our users. We have seen daily requests for Baserow Enterprise from Mid Market, Public Sector and Enterprise customers. We can’t be more proud to be recognized by companies with great brand and reputation across the world.

We are among the 10 most-starred open source projects on GitLab.

We are proud to be recognized by the developer community, and get listed among the top open source projects on GitLab. As a project that is highly focused on contributing to the open source community, we are delighted to be acknowledged and valued for it.

Star Baserow!

We made 2000 new friends on social media.

Our follower base grew by 650% across our social media channels with thousands of people showing interest in Baserow and appreciating our work by commenting, liking, and sharing Baserow.

You are not part of the party yet? Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

We published the no-code landscape.

We created a free, curated directory of the best no-code tools that helps to compass the landscape of visual development. The map is open to contributions, check it out.

Baserow loves tapas.

As a remote only company without offices, we meet twice a year in person to spend quality time together. In 2022 we met in the Canary Island and Barcelona, and had an amazing time meeting and hanging out with our team members in person.

We upgraded the Baserow community forum.

We want the Baserow community to serve not only as a support center but also as a place where you shape product development, collaborate with the team, and level up your use of Baserow. In the past year, we made some big changes — new onboarding, new categories, new initiatives — and more cool things are yet to come.

Join the growing workspace of Baserow enthusiasts to get involved.

We made learning Baserow more simple.

Last but not least! We created the user documentation and started producing educational and useful content for people who are using Baserow.

Here are the most watched and read tutorials of 2022.

Build a high-converting email drip sequence using Baserow:

How to transform any Spreadsheet into a Database!: /blog/how-to-transform-any-spreadsheet-into-a-database.

How to Automate Custom Notifications from Baserow Form Submissions with Zapier: /blog/how-to-automate-custom-notifications-from-baserow.

Last Year in Product Development

We’ve launched a ton of powerful new features that have made data management faster, easier, and more flexible. Here are just a few of our updates from this year.

Manage data at your at your fingertips

Duplication of rows, views, databases, tables, and fields.

Multiple cell copying and paste: select multiple cells to copy and paste them all at once.

Footer aggregations: get a column value calculated and displayed in footer cells.

Visually distinguish your data

Row coloring: color records and make them stand out.

Don’t be afraid of losing your data

Undo redo functionality: use shortcuts to alter the recent edits.

Snapshots: get a full copy of a database, making it possible to restore a database to that point in time later on.

Build advanced forms and now surveys

Pre-filling a form: use pre-fill parameters in the URL of the form to pre-fill specific fields.

Form conditions: hide and show form fields only if any of the criteria are met.

Form survey mode: show one question at a time in the survey view.

Accelerate workflows and collaborate more effectively

Multiple collaborators field type: assign collaborators by selecting names from a list of users who are invited to your workspace.

Bring all your data together

Additional importing: import additional data into existing tables.

Airtable importer: easily import your Airtable base straight into Baserow.

Unlock new levels of security and control in Baserow

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): restrict access to your data by granting roles to your workspace members individually.

Single sign-on: log in to your Baserow account using the organization’s identity provider.

Baserow in local language

Internationalization. Baserow is now translated into 7 languages: French, Nederlands, Deutsch, Espanol, Italiano, and Polski.

And more cool updates!

New integrations with Zapier, Make.

New self-hosting options.

New templates.

Speed and performance improvements.

Looking back, we’ve also learned a lot this year and know that we still have a lot more to prove. We plan to do our best to deliver more than you would anticipate of any no-code database on the market. The roadmap for the first quarters of 2023 is ready, check it out.

Coming soon: Baserow 2.0

In that same similar spirit of ‘deliver more than you expect’, we are planning 2023 to be the year that will start a new big chapter and help our users to build apps faster, cheaper, and with greater security.

Right now we can’t say much of it, but watch this space!

Enjoy the end of 2022, and get ready for something even bigger.

Thank you for being part of our year.

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