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March 2022 release of Baserow

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Things are ramping up here at Baserow with version 1.9 from our rapidly growing dev team and open source contributors! Import your Airtable base’s automatically using the new migration tool. Aggregate and summarize your fields with the new footer aggregations at the bottom of the Grid view. Rapidly copy data out of your Baserow tables using multi cell select and copy. Finally we now provide official Docker images making self-hosting even easier.

Mouse over the blank footer row in a Grid view and click to see the new footer aggregations. Currently the Empty, Filled, Percent Empty, Percent Filled, Unique, Sum, Average, Min, Max, Standard deviation, Median, Variance, Earliest date, Latest date, Checked, Unchecked, Percent checked and Percent unchecked aggregations are supported with more coming soon.

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Multiple cell copying

Previously in Baserow you could only select and copy a single cell at a time. Now click and drag on the Grid view to select multiple cells and hit cmd/ctrl-c to copy them all at once. Currently you are limited to copying only 200 rows at once and paste is not yet supported, but both are planned for a future release.

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Official Docker Images

We now provide official Docker images in a number of flavours making self-hosting much simpler:

docker run -v baserow_data:/baserow/data -p 80:80 -p 443:443 baserow/baserow:1.9.1

Check out the updated documentation for how to use and configure these images.

There have been breaking changes to the docker-compose.yml in the root of the Baserow repository. See here for how to upgrade.

Airtable importer (beta)

Easily import your Airtable base straight into Baserow using the new importer. All your base’s tables will be imported over the with fields, rows, fields, etc. This feature is still in beta, please let us know in the community if you run into problems. Importing views, formulas an lookups is is not yet supported. Import your base by clicking on the “Create new” button in the left sidebar, then on “Database” and finally on “Import from Airtable”. After that you can follow the instructions described there.

Community Contributed Changes

Thanks to Davide for contributing:

  • Add “insert left” and “insert right” field buttons to grid view head context buttons.
  • Added accept image/* attribute to the form cover and logo upload.
  • Fixed error when the select row modal is closed immediately after opening.
  • Allow for signup via group invitation while public registration is closed.

Thanks Gaurang Tandon for contributing various small fixes and chores:

  • Delete redundant format strings, Remove redundant assertions in test_view_models, Fix typo in test_get_include_exclude_fields and Use consistent ID in grid view field options tests.

All changes

  • Added accept image/* attribute to the form cover and logo upload.

  • Added management to import a shared Airtable base.

  • Fixed adding new fields in the edit row popup that require refresh in Kanban and Form views.

  • Cache model fields when generating model.

  • Fixed '<' not supported between instances of 'NoneType' and 'int' error. Blank string for a decimal value is now converted to None when using the REST API.

  • Moved the in component <i18n> translations to JSON files.

  • Fix restoring table linking to trashed tables creating invalid link field.

  • Fixed not being able to create or convert a single select field with edge case name.

  • Add Kanban view filters.

  • Fix missing translation when importing empty CSV

  • Fixed OpenAPI spec. The specification is now valid and can be used for imports to other tools, e.g. to various REST clients.

  • Added search to gallery views.

  • Views supporting search are properly updated when a column with a matching default value is added.

  • Allow for group registrations while public registration is closed

  • Allow for signup via group invitation while public registration is closed.

  • breaking change Number field has been changed and doesn’t use number_type property anymore. The property number_decimal_places can be now set to 0 to indicate integers instead.

  • Fixed error when the select row modal is closed immediately after opening.

  • Add footer aggregations to grid view

  • Hide “Export view” button if there is no valid exporter available

  • Fix Django’s default index naming scheme causing index name collisions.

  • Add “insert left” and “insert right” field buttons to grid view head context buttons.

  • Workaround bug in Django’s schema editor sometimes causing incorrect transaction rollbacks resulting in the connection to the database becoming unusable.

  • Rework Baserow docker images so they can be built and tested by gitlab CI.

  • Bumped some backend and web-frontend dependencies.

  • Remove runtime mjml service and pre-render email templates at build time.

  • Add the all-in-one Baserow docker image.

  • Migrate the Baserow Cloudron and Heroku images to work from the all-in-one.

  • breaking change docker-compose.yml now requires secrets to be setup by the user, listens by default on with a Caddy reverse proxy, use BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL and BASEROW_CADDY_ADDRESSES now to configure a domain with optional auto https.

  • Add health checks for all services.

  • Ensure error logging is enabled in the Backend even when DEBUG is off.

  • Dutch language

  • German language

  • New templates

    • Non-profit Organization Management
    • Elementary School Management
    • Call Center Log
    • Individual Medical Record
    • Trip History
    • Favorite Food Places
    • Wedding Client Planner
  • Updated templates

    • Holiday Shopping
    • Company Asset Tracker
    • Personal Health Log
    • Recipe Book
    • Student Planner
    • Political Campaign Contributions
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