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How to create an effective online database?

Behind every useful application, company, sales team, or think tank is a database that was built well and maintained over the years. Ask any successful company today, and they are likely to tell you that the core of their business is in the data they produce and collect.

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Under the hood of Baserow

Because Baserow is open source, we carefully considered everything which went into the technology stack. Under the hood of every docker container are two t frameworks that made the cut: Django and Vue.js.

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The Benefits Of Using Open Source Software

As a business owner, you have options. There are likely dozens of vendors currently flooding your inbox with a wealth of services that will help you alleviate every single pain point you might come across in your business.

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Can Your Business Benefit From An Online Database?

There is no shortage of things to do when it comes to owning, managing, and growing a business. Fortunately, what it means to be a business owner has drastically changed in the past few decades thanks to a wealth of data available to every one of us that can be used to enhance profits, grow customer bases, and help your employees work more efficiently. To a business owner, the modern wealth of data can be an empowering tool that can determine how successful of a month you are going to have.

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Why we created Baserow

With the rise in available data comes a need for a viable online database that works for everyone. From businesses who are looking to grow their offerings to individuals who are doing independent assessments, online database tools are working their way into the mainstream. While there are many fantastic tools and companies in the market who provide tools with sleek design and marketing, we at Baserow saw an opportunity many companies were ignoring.

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