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1.14 release of Baserow

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Last couple of weeks, despite the holiday season, was a fruitful period for Baserow! We’ve continued working on enhancements designed to extend the Baserow security features and meet the privacy needs of big organizations. Want to learn more? Keep on reading.

Audit log

The audit log provides records of every action that has been done in your Baserow instance. With the audit log you can have complete visibility into what you and your collaborators have been working on, organized by date and filtered by workspace, user, or event type. This allows for watching for potential security issues and identifying malicious behaviour.

The Baserow audit log is currently an Enterprise-level feature, and only server admins can access it.

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Audit log events

The default retention period of the audit log is 360 days. For every event in the audit log, you will see:

  • Which action was executed.
  • The user’s email address of who executed the action.
  • Date and time when the action was executed.
  • The IP address of the executor.
  • Which workspace it was related to.

Use the dropdowns to filter results by your desired criteria. Choose from:

  • User: Enter an email address to view any events related to that person.
  • Workspace: Select a workspace to view activity within that specific workspace.
  • Action: Select a specific type of event.
  • Year, month, and date: Enter a start and end date to see results for a specific date range.

In addition, admins can export audit logs to CSV files and integrate other tools with the API.

Role Based Permissions

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in Baserow allows you to control which users can access and edit Workspaces, Databases, and Tables. In 1.14.0 you can now assign roles to users or teams on individual databases and tables for even more granular permission control.

Baserow Roles gives organizations more flexibility around permissions that can be granted to members. Roles can be assigned to either users or teams on a Workspace, Database, or Table.

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Database level

You can now assign roles to individual users or teams on databases. Database roles will override any workspace level default roles allowing you to make exceptions to workspace wide defaults. If a user or team has a role on a Database, they automatically get that role on every table in that database.

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Table level

You can also assign roles to individual users or teams on tables. Table roles will override any workspace or database roles allowing you to make granular exceptions.

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RBAC is available to self-hosters on the Enterprise plan, and on for users who buy the Advanced plan.

Softr integration

We are exploring the interest of our users to integrate with Softr, one of the leading no-code application builder platforms.

Want Softr to be powered by Baserow? Fill out this short survey and cast your vote on Softr + Baserow future integration:

New in Templates

We added many new templates, and did some upgrades to existing ones. See up-to-date updates on the Templates page.

New templates

  • Frequent Flyer Rewards
  • Car Dealership Inventory
  • Car Dealership Services
  • Grocery Planner
  • Customer Research

Community activities


The first Baserow community contest “Made With Baserow” is running in full swing.

Rules are simple: share what you are building with Baserow for your chance to win a 100$ gift card, Baserow goodies, and Premium Plan for 1 year:

Participate to win some cool prizes and become a glowing inspiration to the team and community.

The call for entries is open until January 30.

Code contributions

Today we want to thank Abdalla Mahmoud for resolving the “Form validator shows “error.required” instead of the actual message.”, who is one of the most active open source contributors. Abdalla, your enthusiasm is highly appreciated, thank you for your neverending support.

Another thank you we want to address to cybernet2u who contributed “One liner for docker login && CI_REGISTRY var”. Cybernet2u, many thanks for your time!

We also want to acknowledge Jonathan for providing technical help to other users in the community forum. We are amazed by your support, Jon.


We want to thank Ju Oliveira for creating amazing tutorials on how to use Baserow with Kodular and AppGyver.

We also want to acknowledge Luiz Eduardo Oliveira Fonseca for creating other useful videos on how to use Baserow to drive marketing impact and innovation.

Big thank you to everyone who helps us to make educational content about Baserow 💙


Baserow will be attending State of Open Con 23, the U.K.’s first Open Technology conference happening in London on February 7-8. And Bram Wiepjes, our co-founder and CEO is one of the speakers on the Open Source Startup Entrepreneurship track.

We do believe it’ll be a unique, memorable event, and we invite you all to join us offline or online (digital attendees are free).

Register here:

All changes including the bug fixes!

  • When your permissions change you now get notified in the frontend to reload your page.
  • Added various help icons to explain RBAC in the UI.
  • Database and table ids are now hashed in websocket messages to not leak sensitive data.
  • Added the “Audit Log” enterprise feature. Now admins can see every action that has been done in the instance.
  • Pressing shift + enter in a selected cell of the grid view creates a new row.
  • Pressing enter on a selected cell should select the cell below.
  • Select the primary field in the grid view after creating a new row.
  • Pressing shift + enter in a selected cell of the grid view creates a new row.
  • Pressing enter on a selected cell should select the cell below.
  • Select the primary field in the grid view after creating a new row.
  • Added a new setting to the Admin Settings page to enable/disable global workspace creation.
  • Added “has” and “has not” filters for the Collaborators field.
  • ./ now uses “docker compose” command if available.
  • Limited the number of characters for messages supplied with workspace invitations to 250.
  • Fixed encoding issue where you couldn’t import XML files with non-ascii characters.
  • Fixed bug preventing workspaces from being restored when RBAC was enabled.
  • Fixed a typo in the so it works out of the box.
  • Form validator shows the correct message when a field is required.
  • Prevent errors after migrating and syncing RBAC roles by adding migration to rename NO_ROLE to NO_ACCESS.
  • Fixed an issue where 2 admins could lower each other’s permissions at the same time and lock each other out.
  • Fixed bug preventing workspaces from being restored when RBAC was enabled.
  • Fixed upgrading a license from premium to enterprise results in an expired license.
  • Tweaked the curl examples in the API documentation so that they work properly in all $SHELLs.
  • Replaced the “contains not” and “has not” English filters with “doesn’t contain” and “doesn’t have” respectively.
  • Fixed HOURS_UNTIL_TRASH_PERMANENTLY_DELETED environment variable is not converted to int.
  • Fixed Change Password dialog not visible.
  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to change conditional_color decorator provider color after reloading.
  • Fixed issue where importing a database would immediately close the modal and not show progress.
  • Replaced deprecated execCommand('copy') with clipboard API for copy and paste.
  • Introduced a single-parent hierarchy for models.
  • Refactor paving the way for future removal of the ExportJob system in favor of the core/jobs one.
  • Changed the return code from HTTP_200_OK to HTTP_202_ACCEPTED if a POST is submitted to /api/snapshots/application/$ID/ to start the async job.

What’s next?

Next two weeks, the development team is going to focus on fixing bugs, and just after that, we plan to start working on the new roadmap for 2023 (which is published on the Baserow homepage).

Do you have any questions? Or anything else? Join the Baserow community forum and let’s stay connected!

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