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1.16 release of Baserow

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This month, we continued to enhance our platform to ensure that you and your team can work as efficiently as possible. Today we are delighted to introduce Calendar view, the Group to Workspace rename, and more. For a deeper understanding of our new features, here is our roundup of the release from March. Let’s get right to it!

Calendar view

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The calendar view allows you to visualize information by dates. In other words, you can visualize how table rows connect to specific dates. You can use the calendar view to keep track of events, deadlines, schedules, and more.

This is a Premium feature, and to use it, your table must contain a field with dates. It supports the following field types:

  • Date
  • Last modified
  • Created on

To add a calendar view, you need to go to the view switcher and click on the Calendar + button. Then, you’ll need to select one of the table’s date fields (the one you want to be placed on the calendar).

This version enables basic features of a calendar view: you can create, duplicate, delete, or create a calendar view. Over the next few releases, we’ll be adding more functionality, such as sorting, filtering, row coloring, and more.

Group to workspace renaming

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We have renamed “Group” in Baserow to “Workspace”. A workspace is now the highest-level organization unit in Baserow.

Everything you do in Baserow now takes place in a workspace, meaning all your databases and tables have an associated workspace, and not a group anymore. With this change, we intend to make the Baserow terminology more clear and simple for everybody.

If you’re a developer, please read this page about some API endpoint changes.

Shortcut to add a multiple cells selection

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We added a handy new shortcut—multiple cells selection, which is designed to speed up your workflows.

With Shift + Click, you can now easily select multiple cells. Click the first cell in the range, and then hold down Shift while you click the last cell in the range.

Pre-fill the name of the field after the linked table name

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When adding a new Link to table field type, the default name in the create and edit field context is now set according to the name of the related table. This means that the pre-fill feature pre-populates the Link to table fields’ names with data from a linked table of your database.

The Baserow community page

To connect with our users, exchange feedback and grow together, we created the Baserow community. What is the Baserow community all about? Here are the answers!

Want to be featured on the Baserow community page? Share your #MadeWithBaserow and you might get a mention.

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New direction

Get a sneak peek at a new direction for Baserow 🚀

We have a new font, icon set, and refreshed colors. Plus, all the components were redesigned from the ground up. For a more detailed look, check it out here.

Community activities

→ Check out how to build user applications with Baserow in Bootblocks, prepared by Deivid Rothen.

→ Get insights on how to go from defining your project to implementing the features one by one with Baserow and n8n — a video set created by Frederik Duchi.

→ Figure out a new way how to update records in a form with just Baserow — zero coding, shared by Kristi Cassidy from IndieSellersGuild.

All changes, including bug fixes

  • Added pre-fill name field after the linked table name.
  • Added calendar view.
  • Added multiple cells selection with shift+click.
  • Added prevent validation error message to be displayed when adding a new field.
  • Fixed date picker grid breaking on smaller zoom levels.
  • Fixed Airtable importer crashing for rich text field containing user mention.
  • Fixed clicking on the download link of an image randomly opened the file instead.
  • Fixed bug causing the frontend sends wrong date/time values to the backend when using date/time pickers.
  • Fixed grid multi select on small resolutions.
  • Fixed DRF Spectacular memory leak by caching the response and various warnings.
  • Renamed the concept of a ‘group’ to ‘workspace’ globally.

What’s next?

For the next release, we plan to add more functionality to the calendar view and focus on performance improvements. In addition, we will continue working on features suggested by the community and fixing bugs.

Do you have questions regarding the new updates or anything else? Leave your questions in our official community forum — we’re always happy to answer them!

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