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Release 1.20

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Even though August is usually vacation season for many, we’ve continued to ship out exciting new features and developments for Baserow!

Here’s an overview of what’s new in Baserow version 1.20:

  • Email notifications
  • View and export workspace activity logs
  • Search and filter cards in Calendar view

Email notifications

email notifications screenshots

Never miss something important again, with Baserow notifications—delivered right to your inbox! You’ll receive notifications to the email address associated with your Baserow user account when:

  • Someone mentions you in a comment.
  • You’re invited to a workspace.
  • You’re added to a row as a collaborator (new feature).

Customize your email notifications in your profile settings by configuring the frequency at which emails are sent to you:

  • Instantly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Never

To manage your email notifications, click on the dropdown icon beside your account name in the top-right of the home screen, then click Settings from the dropdown menu, and then you’ll see the “Email notifications” tab.

Workspace-level audit log

screenshot workspace level audit log

Previously, the audit log feature worked on a per-instance basis, and was only available if you self-host. Now, audit logs work at both the workspace and instance level. The workspace-level audit log provides information to workspace admins about every action taken in a particular workspace. You can access it through a new tab in the side panel.

The following information is included in each event recorded by the audit log:

  • User
  • Event type
  • From date
  • To date

The audit log feature is exclusive to workspaces on the Advanced and Enterprise plans.

Search for Calendar view

calendar view search screenshot

You can now search in the Calendar view and instantly see the filtered calendar cards. This is especially useful for users with busy schedules who need to quickly sift through a lot of information in a calendar, cutting down the time it takes to find a specific event.

New shortcuts

new keyboard shortcuts screenshot

We have added new keyboard shortcuts so that you can do even more without using your mouse.

  • Hold down Shift + up/down arrow keys to expand your selection up or down in Grid view.
  • Hold down Shift + right/left arrow keys to expand your selection to the right or left in Grid view.
  • Use Ctrl + F to open a built-in Baserow search in the top right corner of your screen.

Hide comment panel

screenshot hide comment panel

By default, the comments panel is visible inside the row edit modal. You can now hide it by clicking on a collapse >> button in the top right of the expanded row.

Context menu improvements

We’ve made numerous improvements to the context menu, specifically:

  • Added a scrollbar to the context menu when it doesn’t fit inside the screen.
  • Fixed the position of the dropdown items so that they are not cut off.
  • Added a scrollbar for filters, sorts, and fields.

If you have many filters, they will now fit inside the context menu because a scrollbar will appear. Additionally, the context menu will no longer be cut off when opened at the bottom due to better placement.

Company news

Baserow will be speaking at No-code Summit

From October 10-11, we’ll be in Paris to discuss and share experiences from the industry’s key players and no-code enthusiasts. Come meet the Baserow team and snag some free merch!

Learn more about the summit.

Webinar on how to democratize data access

Join our upcoming webinar on September 26th to learn how to democratize data access and increase productivity. In this webinar, you’ll learn about strategies, best practices, and tools to empower team members with data-driven insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their performance.

Sign up now!

How we work and build Baserow

We’ve grown significantly in the last two years. As a result, we’ve developed new working processes. In keeping with open-source principles, we’re giving you an insight into how we work internally and how we build Baserow—check it out.

What else would you like to learn about Baserow internally? Submit questions here, and either Bram or Olivier will cover the questions in one of the upcoming volumes of Founder Chat.

Community activities

All changes, including bug fixes

New features

  • Add collapse button to hide the comments panel #1599
  • Added search functionality to Calendar View #1634
  • Added search parameter to Calendar view API #1634
  • Allow select options to optionally be positioned fixed. #1659
  • Enabled auto max height for views and workspaces context. #1659
  • Optionally automatically add a scrollbar to the context menu if it is outside of the viewport. #1659
  • Add BASEROW_UNIQUE_ROW_VALUES_SIZE_LIMIT environment variable to allow adjustment of the autodetection limit for multiselect options. #1718
  • Add ‘Number is even and whole’ view filter #1783
  • Added “Copy Row URL” link to row context menu #1798
  • Add new collaborator field option to notify any users when added as a collaborator in a cell. #1807
  • Add search shortcut for table views #1815
  • Add ability to select adjacent rows with Shift and arrow keys #1847
  • Add search shortcuts to other screens #1870
  • Send new notifications via email. #1873
  • Introduced color picker component. #1889
  • Introduce Workspace level audit log feature #1901
  • Introduce new border radius design #1918
  • Introduce new elevation design #1918
  • Added support for user_field_names in the list rows endpoint’s filtering mechanism. #510
  • Add forumulas to encode complete and partial URIs. #983
  • Implemented optional Posthog product analytics.

Bug fixes

  • Fix editable height when content is empty #1858
  • fix cells with massive amounts of causing full text search index updates to fail #1869
  • Fix allowing builders to create or edit lookup formulas to target fields in tables where they dont have access #1883
  • Ensure that the public grid view doesn’t show a Delete Rows list item in its context. #1907
  • Fix prefill link to table fields display no longer working correctly. #1913
  • Fix submitting empty link_row value in form view. #1914
  • Fix not being able to delete a row with a link row cell pointing at a primary field with an empty multi select cell. #1916
  • two linked tables with publically shared views can cause bugs caused by prefetch caching fields #1925
  • prevent excessive number of sql statements being executed when using a deserialized model cache #1926
  • BooleanViewFilterType breaks comparing null values causing the frontend to crash. #1927
  • Fixed ‘timezone for all collaborators’ persistence in date fields. #1928
  • Fixed bug where duplicating a link/multi select/collaborator field with data resulted a duplicate field that couldn’t have new values added until you tried a certain number of times. #1931
  • change backup_baserow to also batch up collaborator field m2m through tables as lock failures #1933
  • fix moving rows or updating link row fields in a tables with a lookup of a link row field #1934
  • Fix Airtable because rawTables key not found error.


  • Don’t use overwriting storage by default #1878
  • Remove the usage of ‘TokenHandler.update_token_usage’ method to improve performance #1908
  • Changed the font to Inter and use the new color palette. #1918

What’s next

The next big features on the roadmap include row modification history, row grouping, and other features suggested by the community.

We have started working on a redesign of Baserow. This release includes the first steps towards that goal, such as changes to the font, colors, rounded corners, and shadows. More changes will be included in future releases. Here is a sneak peek of the final design.

screenshot Baserow redesign

If you have any questions about the new updates, please leave them in our official community forum. We’re happy to answer them!

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