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June release of Baserow

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Over de last four weeks we have made lots of progress. Even though we have crossed 25 issues of our list, Baserow is still in alpha phase. The latest version 0.1.0 has just be been deployed to the production environment and can be tested by logging in or creating an account via the homepage at

List of the new features

  • Row popup editing functionality.
  • Resize field widths in the grid view.
  • Validation and formatting for the number field.
  • Canceling of editing state by pressing the escape key.
  • Improved field type conversion.
  • Password forgotten functionality.
  • Password change functionality.
  • Enabled the arrow keys to navigate trough cells in the grid view.
  • Added the long text field.
  • Added the date field.
  • Introduced cell copy paste functionality.
  • And lots of other small things and bug fixes.

Additional fields and improved user experience

First of all, we can welcome the long text and date fields. If you want to store text that doesn’t fit on a single line, you can use this field which has more space while editing and supports multiple lines. It is now also possible to store dates, optionally with a time, in European, US and ISO formats. When editing these fields you will see nice date and time pickers. The number field has also been improved. If you now enter an invalid number you will see a nice validation message appearing.

You might not notice the following things right away, but we have made lots of user experience improvements for the grid view. It now possible to resize the field width per view, you can also use the arrow keys to navigate between cells, cancel the edit by pressing the escape key and copy and paste cell content better. Something that also might go unnoticed is the improved conversion of field types. That failed often before. It now tries to convert the existing data to the correct format and if that fails, the content is left empty.

A few must have features

The grid view offers great speed and a good overview while editing your data. It could sometimes feel a little crowded, especially when you are having lots of fields and rows. In order so solve this we have introduced the ability to enlarge a row in a popup. You will see a nice form where you can edit that row’s data.

When we first launched, two necessary features where missing. Two things you will see in every other SaaS tool. Password recovery and password changing. These are now also implemented! When logging in you will see a link at the left bottom of the that says “forgot password” and when you are logged in you will find a settings link en the left bottom which will bring you to a password change form.

Upcoming weeks

In the next weeks we are going to work toward the open source release! The reason we have postponed that is because necessary documentation was still missing. We are talking about developer docs, api docs and a plugin boilerplate. The in code documentation is already at a level we are happy with. It contains clear explanations, choice reasons and examples. We are confident developers are going to be happy with it. Once the other documentation is also at an acceptable level we are going to make Baserow open source!

As you might have noticed in the roadmap on the homepage, we are going to work on the undo/redo functionality and realtime changes after the open source release. These items will most likely be postponed by a few weeks. Over the last weeks we have had contact with some some potential users and we have asked which features were most needed. What we have heard the most is connecting rows and exposing data publicly via an API. We listen carefully to our users and if these features are needed the most, then we will implement them first.

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