Long text field

A long text field enables you to capture a lot of information in your table. Long text fields are best for storing data such as brief descriptions, notes, multiple lines of text, or a large amount of data in a single record.

Unlike the single line text field, the long text field accepts more than one line of text. When you need to keep multiple lines of text in each row, a long text field is ideal as it allows you to add new lines.

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Baserow does not currently support rich text formatting or text styling like bold or italic.

How to add a long text field

To add a long text field,

  1. Click the plus sign + to the right of your existing fields.
  2. Select the long text field type and input the name of the field.
  3. Click ‘Create

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Expand a long text field

You can increase the size of a cell to have plenty of space when working with a long text field. You can do this by clicking the expand row icon or by using the drag handle on the lower right of the cell. In the expanded view, you have more room to add content in a cell.

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Use the keyboard shortcut, Shift + Enter on grid view to exit from editing mode for the long text field.

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