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September release

Open source no-code database and Airtable alternative

Create your own online database without technical experience. Our user friendly no-code tool gives you the powers of a developer without leaving your browser.

Prefer to self host? Heroku, Cloudron, Docker or Ubuntu

No-code platform that grows

Are your projects, ideas or business processes unorganized or unclear? Do you have many tools for one job? With Baserow you decide how you want to structure everything. Whether you’re managing customers, products, airplanes or all of them. If you know how a spreadsheet works, you know how Baserow works.

Flexible software

Software tailored to your needs instead of the other way around. Clear and accessible data by all your team members. Never unorganized projects, ideas and notes anymore.

  • One interface for everything.
  • Easily integrate with other software.
  • Collaborate in realtime.
  • Unlimited rows.
  • Fast!

Developer friendly

Easily create custom plugins with our boilerplate or use third party ones. Because Baserow is built with modern and proven frameworks it feels like a breeze for developers.

  • Built with Django and Nuxt. ♥
  • Open source.
  • Self hosted.
  • Headless and API first.
  • Works with PostgreSQL.
  • Supports custom and third party plugins.
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Ready to bring structure to your organization?

Even though we’re in an early phase, we have some awesome features that we want to offer you. Start with our free plan on the hosted version or easily self host for free with unlimited rows

SaaS offering on the website
Self hosted
Host your own instance on-premise or in the cloud

Free plan


For people and companies that want to try out Baserow.

  • Access to the latest features
  • 3.000 rows per workspace
  • 2GB storage per workspace
  • Community support
  • Receive the latest updates automatically

Premium plan

5$ per user / month

For users that want to do more with their data.

  • Access to the latest premium features
  • 10.000 rows per workspace
  • 5GB storage per workspace
  • Community support
  • Receive the latest updates automatically

Advanced plan

20$ per user / month

For users with advanced needs in larger teams.

  • Access to premium and role based permissions
  • 250.000 rows per workspace
  • 20GB storage per workspace
  • Within 1 business days support
  • Read/comment only users are free

Join the Baserow community

Discover tips, ask questions, and learn from other users who are pushing the limits with Baserow.

Make your business future proof

Spend time on running and innovating your business without worrying about software or lost data. Because of our open source nature and dedicated development team you decide it all.

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    Join our community

    Do you have questions, ideas or thoughts about Baserow? Join our community.

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    No vendor lock-in

    Our open source core means that you can run Baserow independently on your own server.

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    Blazingly fast

    Continuously tested with 100.000+ rows per table while in development.

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    Connect with software

    Baserow is API first which means it is made to connect with other software.


Find inspiration or a starting point for your database in one of our templates:

Feature roadmap 2023

Audit log enterprise
Database and table RBAC enterprise
Now formula function
Calendar view
Performance improvements
Rollup field
Count field
Mentions premium
Row change history
Group by field
Advanced filtering
Rich text field
Auto number field
Form field inputs
Last modified by field
Timeline view premium
Search and replace
git clone
Cloning into "baserow"...
cd baserow
docker-compose up
Starting db           ... done
Starting backend      ... done
Starting celery       ... done
Starting web-frontend ... done
echo "Visit http://localhost:3000"
Open source

Easily create plugins or contribute

You don’t have to spend time on reinventing the wheel. We use modern tools and frameworks like Docker, Django, Vue.js and Nuxt.js so you can easily write plugins or contribute. Use our boilerplate and documentation to jumpstart your plugin.

Premium and enterprise

Does it sound good if you could export your data directly to Excel, XML or JSON, have role based permissions and the ability to place comments on row level? Would you like to the visualize your data using a Kanban or Calendar view? Then the premium or enterprise version might be something for you. It also includes an admin panel, signup rules, SSO login and more.

September 12, 2023 by Bram Wiepjes
Release 1.20

Baserow version 1.20 comes with email notifications, workspace level audit log, search for calendar view, new shortcuts, context menu improvements, and more.

January 26, 2023 by Georgina Brisk
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January 10, 2023 by Olivier Maes
No-Code Platforms in 2023