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November 2021 release of Baserow

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This release is a big one! Many have requested the lookup field and webhooks, and today we’re happy to release both of these features. Easily add fields of other tables by adding a lookup field and receive HTTP notifications when a row has been created, updated or deleted via the webhooks. In addition to that, we’ve also added the Kanban view to help you organize and plan better. Apart from these big new features, you can also expect bug fixes, new templates and other small changes.

Lookup field

Lookup fields let you select a field in another table to display, use it to combine all the relevant fields you need into a single useful table. To starting using them, create a new field and choose the new lookup option, then select a link row field in the same table to lookup through and finally a target field in the linked table to get values for. Your lookup field will then contain the target field value for every linked row formatted into a list. Finally you can reference lookup fields directly in formulas and use the filter and aggregate formula functions to filter them down and sum them up.

Screenshot of the lookup field in the grid view in Baserow


Receive notifications when a row has been created, updated or deleted via the webhooks. You can create them by clicking on the three dots next to the table or the view and then on webhooks. Here you can choose an HTTP method, URL, trigger events, additional headers and see an example payload. You can even trigger a test to make sure everything works before saving it. We have also added a call log, where you can see the latest requests and responses, which is super useful when debugging.

Kanban view

Organize and plan better using the Kanban view! Easily workspace rows by the select options of a single select field. You can drag and drop the cards into different stacks and choose which fields you would like to show in the cards. Create a Kanban view by clicking on the view icon in the top left corner and then clicking on the create button.

Screenshot of the Kanban view in Baserow

Premium version

We’ve been silently working on our premium version. This release also brings a licensing system that allows us to give early access to those features, to the hosted and self hosted versions. At the moment, we offer the following premium features:

  • Admin dashboard and user management (self hosted only)
  • Kanban view
  • Row comments
  • Additional exporter formats (JSON and XML)

We’re giving away early access to our GitHub sponsors! We’ll be reaching out to you shortly if you’re already a sponsor, feel free to reach out to us if you can’t wait. If you’re not a sponsor and you want to gain access to the early premium version, then become one here It would be much appreciated!

New rollup/aggregate/lookup/filter formula functions

Baserow’s Formula language has levelled up significantly and is now industry leading with its incredibly powerful, easy to understand and blazing fast calculations:

  • Formulas can now reference Link row, Lookup and Single select option fields.
  • The new lookup and filter functions let you lookup other tables values directly inside of formulas and filter them down.
  • The new aggregate functions (sum,avg,join,every,any,stddev_pop and more!) summarize lists of values from lookups and link row fields.
  • Finally all of the new and existing formula features can be mixed and matched together in intuitive ways. Here are some examples:
    • ’Username = ’ + lower(field(’name lookup’))
    • sum(filter(field(’numbers’) / 100, field(’numbers’) < 100))
    • filter(lookup(’customers’, ’name’), lookup(’customers’, ’age’) > 18)
    • any(field(’customers’, ’name’) = field(’clients’, ’name’))

All changes

All the changes of version 1.7 listed.

  • Lookup field
  • Table webhooks
  • Kanban view (premium)
  • Made it possible to change your name
  • Licensing system for the premium version
  • Rollup / Aggregate / Filtering Formula Functions
  • Improved row performance by adding indexes
  • Fixed error when converting a date field to a boolean field
  • Fixed error when converting a multiple select field to a text field in the row edit modal
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to create duplicate trash entries
  • Fixed bug where the opening a table without any views
  • Tables can now be opened in new tabs
  • New templates:
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