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January 2022 release of Baserow

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Happy new year! Here is our first Baserow release of 2022! The key features are: the Gallery view which lets you view your data as cards with an optional cover image; Public view sharing allowing you to share grid views via a link; the Rating field giving you an easy way to store and set ratings; Interface translation to French; User file previews in your browser and finally there are some significant performance optimizations for large tables making tables with 100+ fields usable.

Public View Sharing

Baserow tables can now be shared publicly via a link which can be used to view, sort, filter and search a grid view. To do so click the new Share view button found at the top of a grid view. Publicly shared views don’t show filtered out rows and hidden fields keeping your data secure. Viewers can apply their own temporary personal filters, sorts and searches. Finally publicly shared grid views get real time updates just like normal grid views so any viewers will see changes in real time.

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Using a Gallery View you can view your rows as individual cards spread across the page instead of rows. Your cards can have an optional cover image shown by selecting a file field as the cover field under Customize cards.

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In the past few months we’ve slowly been making it possible to translate Baserow to different languages. This is now finished and we’ve added French as the first available translation. More languages are coming soon. After signing in, you can click in the top left corner to open your account settings where you can change the interface language.

Rating Field

Quickly store and view ratings with the new Rating field. They can be configured to have different styles, colors and maximum scores. Additionally ratings fields can be referenced in formulas where they turn into their numeric representation where you can do more complicated calculations like calculating an average rating.

User file previews

Video, Audio, PDF and some types of Office files stored in a Baserow file field can now be previewed directly in your Browser without having to download and update it. Also PDFs and various office files can be previewed and shared directly with Google Docs. Simply click on a file fields cell to see previews for any contained files.

Manual Release Step for Self Hosters

There is an optional one-off manual step for self hosters in this release, if you have existing uploaded images you wish to use as cover images in a Gallery or Kanban view please upgrade to 1.8 and then follow the instructions for your deployment type below.


$ cd /baserow
$ source env/bin/activate
$ export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE='baserow.config.settings.base'
$ export DATABASE_PASSWORD='yourpassword'
$ export DATABASE_HOST='localhost'
$ baserow regenerate_user_file_thumbnails card_cover


docker-compose exec backend /bin/bash /baserow/backend/docker/ manage regenerate_user_file_thumbnails card_cover


You need to sign into Heroku and select your Baserow app. Click on the more button at the top right corner, click on run command and then you can execute the command above directly.

DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE='heroku.settings' /baserow/env/bin/python /baserow/baserow/backend/src/baserow/ regenerate_user_file_thumbnails card_cover


By logging into your Cloudron environment, you can access to the terminal of your Baserow app. There you can enter the following command to regenerate the thumbnails:

/app/code/env/bin/python /app/code/baserow/backend/src/baserow/ regenerate_user_file_thumbnails card_cover --settings=cloudron.settings

All changes

All the changes of version 1.8 listed.

  • Added Video, Audio, PDF and some Office file preview.

  • Added rating field type.

  • Added gallery view.

  • Added internationalization and French translations.

  • Added ability to share grid views publicly.

  • Fix deleted options that appear in the command line JSON file export.

  • Fix subtracting date intervals from dates in formulas in some situations not working.

  • Added day of month filter to date field.

  • Added length is lower than filter.

  • users Fixed bug in where UID/GID were not being set correctly, please rebuild any dev images you are using.

  • Replaced the table order index with an order, id index to improve performance.

  • breaking change The API endpoint to rotate a form views slug has been moved to /database/views/${viewId}/rotate-slug/.

  • Increased maximum length of application name to 160 characters.

  • Fixed copying/pasting for date field.

  • Allow changing the text of the submit button in the form view.

  • Fixed reordering of single select options when initially creating the field.

  • Improved performance by not rendering cells that are out of the view port.

  • Fix bug where field options in rare situations could have been duplicated.

  • Focused the search field when opening the modal to link a table row.

  • Fixed order of fields in form preview.

  • Fix the ability to make filters and sorts on invalid formula and lookup fields.

  • Fixed bug preventing trash cleanup job from running after a lookup field was converted to another field type.

  • Added cover field to the Kanban view.

  • Fixed bug where not all rows were displayed on large screens.

  • New templates:

    • Car Maintenance Log
    • Teacher Lesson Plans
    • Business Conference Event
    • Restaurant Management
  • Updated templates:

    • Healthcare Facility Management
    • Apartment Hunt
    • Recipe Book
    • Commercial Property Management
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