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What are the use cases of Baserow?

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Game-changing database management technology

Baserow is the collaborative database that brings information and people together.

We work with companies of all sizes, across every industry — even ones with strict data governance. From HR and marketing to finance and operations departments — different teams can use Baserow to develop applications, manage data, automate processes, and drive their business forward.

How does Baserow work?

Baserow organizes all your data into databases and tables that are easy to create, collaborate on and search through. With one database for all workflows running in your company, everyone knows exactly where to look for what. Baserow’s job is to help you connect all your data across your organization to keep everything in sync and get the job done with greater speed and security.

Unlike our competitors, Baserow is an open source platform that offers both the SaaS and self-hosting options to cater to any user needs — with no vendor lock-in. We do not only allow but encourage users to customize the platform to their needs with personalized plug-ins. This is the beauty — you won’t need to wait for us to implement a feature, just take the base, and modify it into anything you will ever require.

With a robust API, Baserow integrates seamlessly with any tool needed to build a no-code stack, organize workflows and automate mundane tasks. In addition to all this, Baserow is designed for scale and remains very performant with large volumes of data.

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For different kinds of teams

Whether you are a small growing startup, a big flourishing corporation, or anything in between, Baserow is a one-fits-all solution. Size aside, due to its customizable nature, high data throughput capabilities, and a long list of functionality available — anyone can help their team find success. We are talking marketing, software development, finances, and literally anything else.

👩‍💻 Engineering

It’s not only about coding. Right workflow management is the key, this is what goes into a successful engineering project, and even more so — into a thriving company. Baserow is a tool that is built to help you create & release better code, and keep tabs on all your workflows as a team.

✔️ Build and share a roadmap

Roadmaps serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they help you, as a team, go through with your goals. Secondly, they show your customers and investors that you grow, and how fast you are moving. With Baserow, you can create, edit, and collaborate on a comprehensive roadmap, and track the vision of your project as it comes to life.

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✔️ Manage sprints and daily tasks delivery

Visualize your workflows using the Kanban view type, and defeat bottlenecks, waste, and chaos with Baserow. Be productive with your work, and always stay in line with your deliveries.

Every big milestone is a bunch of everyday tasks for a bunch of people. Keep track of what needs to be done, never forget a thing, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

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✔️ Create a bug log

No code is bug-free, everybody knows that. Whether you intend to fix it, or completely pretend like it is a feature — you need to keep it in your log. Baserow has an excellent template for that — a Bug tracker.

Having one centralized location for tracking the issues allows you to select the team member proficient in the programming language to jump in and address the issue right away. This template reduces the time any users have to experience issues by effortlessly tracking, assigning, and resolving software bugs promptly.

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✔️ Integrate tools to boost deployment visibility and automation

Send real-time alerts from Baserow to the team messengers like Slack and Discord automatically using the API. Make sure everyone stays on the same page about your progress.

✔️ Use Baserow as a backend database for (mobile) apps

Store, retrieve, update, and delete your data in Baserow. Set up webhooks to track all changes made to your data by receiving real-time notifications.

✔️ Create one directory for all resources for engineers

Code guidelines, troubleshooting instructions, code review, or lunch schedules for each member, your directory can host as much data as you deem needed. Keep everything your team needs to know in one place and make the learning curve a lot straighter.

☎️ Sales

Focus on winning over the hearts of the most loyal customers, while Baserow takes care of boring tasks, automation, and standardizing the most important workflows.

✔️ Customer pipeline

Creating a sales pipeline should take minutes — not days — of your time. With Baserow you can easily build comprehensive workflows for all your sales needs.

  • Run a list of all opportunities/contacts
  • Add lead statuses
  • Qualify your potential clients
  • Assign leads to reps
  • Add meeting link notification
  • Make meeting notes

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✔️ Create tasks for your sales reps

Run an efficient to-do list for the sales team: no meeting is missed, and no lead is left hanging.

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✔️ Run surveys

Whether you are capturing leads, collecting survey results, or registering people for an event, you can now get responses directly to a table. Organize and view the survey results more effectively with Baserow.

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✔️ One directory for all resources for the sales team

List your sales strategies, unique selling propositions, client communication rules, and whatever else for your sales team to bring in the most efficient numbers.

✔️ Set up automation

Get notifications in Slack or any other tools as soon as the lead status is changed, or the lead completes a form — using API and webhooks. Connect different tools which work best for your team.

📇 HR & Recruitment

HR Team is responsible for managing every aspect of the employee life cycle — finding, screening, recruiting, and training job applicants, as well as administering benefits. Baserow will help to structure, store and search through all things HR with ease.

✔️ Workflows for daily HR administrative tasks

Have all your HR to-do’s in one place, easily accessible to all team members in need be. No need to scatter through multiple platforms to get the job done, manage:

  • Time off tracking
  • On-boarding workflow
  • Processing payroll
  • Reporting expenses
  • Collecting feedback after employees leave the organization
  • Storing HR policies

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✔️ Recruitment candidate pipeline: personnel updates

A hiring process is no piece of cake: you need to make sure that candidates adhere to specific requirements, and later to filter out the most suitable ones. With Baserow, you can do the process a lot less chaotic.

  • Manage open positions, interviewers, and references.
  • Track everything you need throughout the hiring process, from the initial application to interviewing, all the way through to the final decision.

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📺 Marketing

Marketing campaigns can be very stressful — it’s a lot of things, all at once, how to keep track of everything? Baserow offers a variety of possibilities for managing marketing workflows — from something as trivial as scheduling a content plan, and to automating the publishing of social media posts.

Manage launches, campaigns, and daily tasks for:

✔️ Email marketing

Keep a comprehensive overview of each email marketing campaign from idea to completion, with a clear description of all the technological, human, and creative elements involved in the process.

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✔️ Social media

Create social media content plans, schedule the postings, and keep track of any additional media files for them.

✔️ Events and conferences

Keep a comprehensive schedule of every event & conference you attend, or even organize one yourself — Baserow has every tool you need to never miss an important piece of information.

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✔️ Content writing

Organize, track, and share your blog posts without missing a deadline or creating duplicate content.

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✔️ Marketing analytics

Analytics is a crucial key to knowing what your customers want, do and don’t like. Make sure your numbers always hit the mark you have set:

  • Set goals on the traffic.
  • Connect Google analytics and Baserow to get daily/weekly updates on the number of visitors using n8n.
  • Set up automation to receive notifications in Slack or any other tool as soon as new person sign up, and a lead is added to a database.

✔️ Video production and design

Control the visual materials of your projects — from having a vision, laying down an idea to making edits to proposed solutions. Have all your assets stored and referenced in one place with Baserow’s brand asset management.

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💼 Operations

Manage the inner working of your business and make sure it runs are smooth as possible. Whether you make products, sell products, or provide services, Baserow will help every business to oversee the design and management of behind-the-scenes work, including:

  • Inventory board
  • Fulfillment
  • Team members directory
  • Office
  • Suppliers

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💸 Finance

Keep track of all your expenses, see what campaigns are most efficient, and what needs more/less budgeting. Baserow is your guide to smart budgeting decisions that will help your business grow.

  • Manage budgets
  • Manage expenses
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Manage employee reimbursements
  • Manage invoicing

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🗂 Project Management

Baserow is a tool that will help you successfully manage any project on your hands, and finish it on time and within budget. Add structure to your workflow, adapt the existing template to your needs, and get the hand of the project management in a blink of an eye.

  • List what needs to be done
  • Gather your resources
  • Assign tasks and roles
  • Track the progress
  • Automate: get notifications when the status of the task is changed

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For different kinds of companies


Baserow can be an on-premise solution, meaning — a completely secure environment that can store sensitive information without storing on third party servers. This is the main reason our government clients can rely on Baserow with their processes.


Baserow was built to allow for huge volumes of data — throughput and storage. With the amount of info an average organization may have, it is a perfect solution to keep track of every company branch, and never run out of space.


Serving as an intermediary between clients (other companies or individuals), agencies have vast lists of processes to keep an eye on. What project is for this particular client, and what tasks is it comprised of — Baserow helps to structure the workflows by clients and keep tabs on every little thing.


Baserow is very useful for freelancers: efficient to-do lists for various clients, contracts management, scheduling, invoice management, hours log — you name it. Easy to use, the platform will become a powerful management tool for anyone.


Students are arguably the busiest people on Earth — the sheer amounts of assignments to be completed deserves to have a log on them. Baserow will help to keep track of all assignments, and even make sure you have all exams scheduled in your calendar.

Personal usage

It’s not always about jobs and tasks, right? Book catalogs, health logs, house inventories, recipe books, trip planners — all this and more you can create in Baserow to keep tabs on what’s going on with your personal life.

Connect, simplify, and automate your work with Baserow

Tasks don’t have to take forever to complete. Take full advantage of the power of automation to be productive and efficient.

Save time and automate repetitive tasks

Turn slow, repetitive, manual processes, like on-boarding or gathering feedback, into fast and automated workflows.

Minimize multitasking

Reduce the number of apps and websites needed to get work done. Bring data and tasks from external services and internal tools to where everyone is already collaborating: Baserow.

Stay in the know

Bring all your information, resources, visions, and plans to one, united database.

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1.14 release of Baserow

Today we are releasing Baserow 1.14 with a new security feature — audit log, and big updates to Baserow RBAC that allow assigning roles to users or teams on individual databases and tables for even more granular permission control.

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